Halo Live Action TV series

Halo TV series has been revealed for the Xbox One. The Microsoft reveal given by Bonnie Ross who said that "Halo is more than a game" to her revealed that a Halo TV series will be created to run alongside the game series. Steven Speilberg is playing an important role in the project.

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Moncole1831d ago

This is great news. A great series and a great director.

nrvalleytime1831d ago

Indeed. He is one of the people that can be wholeheartedly trusted to deliver on this idea. Perfect pairing.

Best of all, because it's a series, everyone wins - Xbox One or PS4, Spielberg is timeless.

LOL_WUT1831d ago

I don't know but I felt like this was so out of place it just felt so awkward but whatever. ;)

FriedGoat1831d ago

Spielberg isn't directing, he stars as Master Chief.

optimus1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

@valleytime...What makes you think this will be on network tv?...this is an exclusive series to be viewed only on xbox one.

EVILDEAD3601831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

I've been saying this as soon as they started talking exclusive programming content.

I would have been happy with forward unto dawn as a series, it sounds like MS is taking this seriously. Good to hear.

Halo + Speilberg. I'm sold.


nrvalleytime1831d ago


Never said it would be on network television - with all of the streaming sites and torrents that exist, this series can't avoid becoming become available to people who don't own an Xbox One. It's just inevitable, which, while illegal, makes me happy that anyone with even a remote interest in Halo will be able to enjoy it. It's an enjoyable mythos that more people should enjoy.

DragonKnight1831d ago

You guys are seriously excited for a Halo TV show? Really? Wow. Now I've seen everything.

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FriedGoat1831d ago

shame that was the worst reveals i have ever seen. I already have a TV......

DonFreezer1831d ago

Worst than Diablo 3 on the ps4 reveal?Not by a chance.

AngelicIceDiamond1831d ago

I don't think people understand how epic that is actually.

Enemy1831d ago

Spielberg isn't directing and he was reading a paper.

3-4-51831d ago

The only reason to watch for me is because Spielberg usually doesn't get involved in too much crap.

He could turn an ok series into something watchable.

I'm just not as into Halo as I was even 2-3 years ago though so it doesn't excite me enough.

Utalkin2me1831d ago pay 10 bucks a month to access Xbox1 Tv channel to watch...How nice

OlgerO1831d ago

great news indeed, I can stream this right over the internet from my PS4s browser

Welcome2Die1831d ago

Im preeeettty sure I'll be able to watch this on my future PS4 lol

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DoomeDx1831d ago


I think Xbox is indeed no longer competing with Sony and Nintendo. No gameplay footage at all. Its no longer a gaming console.

peowpeow1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

Halo has always had some of the best live-action content. Trailers especially.

They seem to have missed the mark with this reveal though.. exclusive CoD DLC really? Exclusive madden content really?

Hope E3 has more

CoD: Ghosts gameplay snippets.. slight graphical jump it seems

tigertron1831d ago

He needs to do the movie...still, the biggest announcement at the Xbox conference was about a tv series? lol, still, I'm a huge Halo fan so this pleases me, and Steven Spielberg will no doubt do a brilliant job.

Jek_Porkins1831d ago

What a great pairing! I like this idea more than a movie, because they'll have greater creative control over this as a series. Loved Forward Until Dawn.

hazelamy1831d ago

a tv series is good, because they can spend more time exploring that universe, but bad because tv series invariably have a lower budget than movies.

still, i'm eager to see the end result.

and i just hope this doesn't fall through like the movie.

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