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Ozmoses1641d ago

Microsoft should leave the videogame market alone... They just buried their own hatchet.

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FriedGoat1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

the mods seem to be marking everything as trolling, even though its basically a TV. they showed next to nothing! I wasn't sure what I was going to go for first but this has definitely sealed the deal. PS4 for sure... unless it is also a watercooler aswell, like they said.

Zabby911641d ago

the conference was the worst. Can't wait for E3 with all those sweet kinect games!

Ozmoses1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

yes I agree this conference was a complete waste of time...

it was so utterly disappointing... nothing relevant for a gamer...

just stupid babble about making my TV smarter..

Maddens Raiders1641d ago

but that thing just doesn't look good. I mean it looks like a cable box which (in a way) I guess is what they're going for - oh well I know there are people that will like the way it looks, nonetheless.

sinjonezp1641d ago

The box looks awful. Looks like a giant black brick. Like a DVR from 2009.

sourav931641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Buy the Xbox One now! It's only £32!!! Oh wait...

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I_am_Batman1641d ago

That was a really disappointing conferene. The only thing that interessted me in the whole conference was wuantum break. Too much TV talk not enough games revealed. They get a second chance at E3 though.

Root1641d ago

I have to admit it looks really big

I mean even Kinect 2 looks massive.

They better not bundle that with the XboxOne...I'm not paying for something I'm not going to use

StraightPath1641d ago

damn they failed hard. xbox fanboys wake up they don't care about games, they care about tv and media stuff now.

Whole show was awful with Kinect and tv shoved down people throats. No games at all.

Gildarts1641d ago

What are you guys talking about? They clearly said that the games will be at E3. Did you guys even watch the conference? 15 exclusives next year alone, and 8 of them are new IP's. We will get our games.

Xbox One can do everything the PS4 can and Much more.

Xbox One > Playstation 4

Ozmoses1641d ago

Oh we heard that.. But actions are louder than words..

What they showed and detailed was utter garbage in the mind of any true gamer...

We certainly don't want a fancy way to switch inputs no matter how innovative they deem it.

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silkrevolver1641d ago

It looks like a DVR.

Oh wait: It kind of is.

maniacmayhem1641d ago

Super sexy, I must say the Football Fantasy feature, the feedback on the controller PLUS the D-pad has got me sold for the new Xbox.

FamilyGuy1641d ago

The controller looks great but I'm far from sold. I can't wait to see those 8 new exclusive IPs though.

maniacmayhem1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

I was definitely sold more on this reveal then Sony's. Which to me all they had was a share button which is kind of ok, but pointless for how I game. Nt to mention a profile type page that they wanted to remind everyone that it's like Facebook.

I like the features they showed more for this plus the reveal of the Box looked great. Nothing crazy or overblown, just sleek and sexy.

WOW, 16 disagrees for my first comment eh? I guess certain groups don't share my personal likes.

GiggMan1641d ago

Well the did show the console, but the reveal was underwhelming...

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