Sony Xperia Dated for Late 2008 Release

There was a rumor floating around over the weekend that the HTC-produced HTC Xperia X1 super smartphone would be delayed until late 2009, much to the display of sliding QWERTY users around the world. Thank goodness. The Sony Xperia X1 is still a hot looking Windows Mobile 6 device today and it should still be pretty attractive later this year, but if they were to push the release to late 2009, it just might have to compete with a third-gen iPhone or something.

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sonarus3891d ago

This is my next phone. Forget being a sony fan imo sony ericsson phones have always been the best. I was going to get an iphone but i hate getting phones everyone else has. I am currently using tmobile wing which is a piece of sh!t. Battery life can't last more than a day even if you don't use it at all. The thing is also very slow. So hopefully this one is at least as fast as the iphone and has good battery life.

Massacre3891d ago

Seconded your first sentence.

mighty_douche3891d ago

Anyone Got any idea's what this will cost (simm free)?

kewlkat0073890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

it looks Obesed from the side.

I thought were moving to slimmer phones with nice realty for screen?

I went from a Palm Treo 650 to the T-mobile dash, since I hate thickness and heavy phones.

Looks no different than the AT&T 8125 or T-Mobile Wing Form factor. HTC owns that market really.

MaJiKaLL3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

I gt the TyTn 2 the other day, was a free upgrade on my dads contract! but it was soo easy to unlock, literally a Do it yourself job hint check out N e ways, built in GPS, blueooth, WIFI, synch with all things such as outlook, onenote etc. Just a gem to use. Plus the modding scene for it is off the hook!

oh and btw it was on orange which had some sluggish orange crap installed on it, got rid of all that n now smooth as anything! oo and its touch screen with a slide out full qwerty kb. Guys need to chec it out!

Z F1GHT3RS3888d ago

dont want another mobile sony dvd player