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First screens of new Xbox One released

"Well, here it is folks - doesn't it look pretty?" (Tag Invalid, Xbox One)

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Godmars290  +   619d ago
Certainly looks like a box...
-Superman-  +   619d ago
bad name
Lior  +   619d ago
actually a stupid name
Nitrowolf2  +   619d ago
Xbox WON
I see what they did there
SpringHeeledJack  +   619d ago
It's freaking massive, not nice looking at all. yes not very original name. Just doesn't have a ring to it at all.
LOL_WUT  +   619d ago
Yea disappointed by the name the box looks good though ;)

Edit: 8 GB ram & Blu Ray drive yay!
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Enemy  +   619d ago
Very stupid name and very bad design. Why'd they change the controller? That looks worse as well. Waiting for specs and exclusives.

Edit: Wow this guy is annoying. They're already marketing this thing like a cable box. Half hour left, show some games!
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   619d ago
@Superman You'll get use to it.
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Zuperman  +   619d ago
XBOX ONE is pretty much about... TV lol
Kiddcarter  +   619d ago
agree, but not surprised all 3 companies failed with naming their new products lately, the wii u was a bad name, should have been wii 2, ps vita was a dumb name should have been psp 2, and xbox 1 is the a dumb name, 720 would have been better
Boody-Bandit  +   619d ago
I take it ONE = all in one entertainment device. So far I'm SO BORED! I don't need or want an entertainment hub. I have tablets, smartphones, smart TV's (with motion controls) and even my updated Directv receiver offers apps and I CAN GET Skype on everything else.

I want games and I want to know what's under the hood for GAMING! COME ON MS SHOW US THE GOODS FOR US GAMERS!
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Testfire  +   619d ago
The name is fine, nobody complained about the PS One. It looks like crap though, too much like a cable box, nah wait, my cable box looks better.
Godmars290  +   619d ago
"Meh" name.

No one complained about the PS One because it was the ultra skinny version of the first Playstation.
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torchic  +   619d ago
"nobody complained about PSone"


BrianC6234  +   619d ago
"The name is fine, nobody complained about the PS One. It looks like crap though, too much like a cable box, nah wait, my cable box looks better. "

But the PS One was the first Playstation. Calling this the Xbox ONE makes no sense. It's the third model.
Enemy  +   619d ago
Two new exclusives: one new IP from Remedy, and then Forza. For all we know, the remaining unannounced exclusives that will be out on "year one" will be Kinect titles. What the hell are they showing?

Edit: Live action Halo TV show. WHY?
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theBAWSE  +   619d ago
where the fack was the games?

tv this steven spielberg that
Wenis  +   619d ago
Lots of butthurt fanboys in here it looks like
NukaCola  +   619d ago
This was terrible and the only game shown was COD which was a joke. Custom characters and dynamic MP? This innovation happened years ago.
Dee_91  +   619d ago
The quadruple B
Im sorry but that thing looks horrid.. Maybe the shiny part have like some LED lights when its on, like a ring glow around the xbox symbol.That would be neat but the design is lackluster.

I didnt catch the event. Did they touch on Always On or did they pretend like it was not a big deal?
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-GametimeUK-  +   619d ago
Funny how they announce a games console... first thing they say about it... "you can watch TV". WTF?!
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Minato-Namikaze  +   619d ago
almost 20 minutes in and still NO GAMES WTF!!!!
Simon_Brezhnev  +   619d ago
On gaf right now I'm lmao at the comments.
cpayne93  +   619d ago
25 minutes in and no games. The console looks...meh. The name is terrible, and I'm not too impressed by this conference so far. Hope it turns around. I don't care about watching tv, just get to the gaming already.
aceitman  +   619d ago
this is very boring not making me get it.
BrianC6234  +   619d ago
I guess Microsoft just wants to sell consoles, not games. They want to be in everyone's living room. That's all they've cared about for years. They even tried it with that lousy Web TV thing or whatever it was called.
Blackdeath_663  +   619d ago
half way through it sounded like they were selling me a tv set box
Prophet-Gamer  +   619d ago
Horrible name. Akin to the Wii U's terrible choice. And so far, not a single game to be seen. Everything they've shown would be so much faster on a PC with a mouse.

And is it me, or is some that switching kind of staged?
joe90  +   619d ago
Looks like The Wii,

Looks like next gen going to be Kinect heavy for Xbox1

Shame really.

and newly announced blu-ray drive
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FATAL1TY  +   619d ago
Bad name
Bad design
ApolloTheBoss  +   619d ago
Kaz must be laughing his *ss off right now.
donman1  +   619d ago
Everything is huge and hideous.
kneon  +   619d ago
It's form factor is pretty much what I want, I want consoles to be the same form factor as other stackable AV equipment
AllroundGamer  +   619d ago
well it's a really huge and fugly box, looks kinda like CDi - http://videogamecritic.com/...
SegataSanshiro  +   619d ago
at least they showed the damned console, not like sony. But yeah this xbox is gonna suck
sunnygrg  +   619d ago
Not gonna lie. The name sounds kinda lame. Xbox Infinity sounded way better.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   619d ago
Yeah seriously.Xbox one? Was that really the best they could come up with? come on..
M-M  +   619d ago
I'm actually shocked they went with a name like "Xbox One". When they released the Xbox 360, that was a marketing strategy to rival the PS3's name because if they called the 360 the Xbox 2, the PS3 would seem newer and more appealing. Now the call it the Xbox One, which is way under PS4. I can't believe Microsoft is somewhat straying away from the gaming industry like this.
Prcko  +   619d ago
Looks so cool
DarkBlood  +   619d ago
looks like it would split apart
Ggame  +   619d ago
Bad name and design.
Mathew9R   619d ago | Spam
ginsunuva  +   619d ago
Htc One? Xbox One?

What's with one's?
Riderz1337  +   619d ago
I loved it when he said "Xbox go home" during the presentation. I nearly spilled my coke. Also, Xbox One? Wtf?!
stylishjerk  +   619d ago
LMAO...I can see it now. Your Xbox One starts glitching and you yell out, "Xbox go home you're drunk!" lol
listenkids  +   619d ago
Hey guys, this is what's TV.

Now, show me some f'ing games.
Godmars290  +   619d ago
Doubt they're going to get into games that much now. Just announce a few heavy hitters and save the rest for E3.

Also really thinking they aren't going to talk pricing. At all.
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listenkids  +   619d ago
Kinect can read my heart beat. I don't care about games anymore.
Adva  +   619d ago
That THING is a giant box. Wonder if it will sound like a jet flying again.
Godmars290  +   619d ago
The voice interface looks cool. Certainly a tony Stark/Jarvis vibe.


And can we just call the thing "Xbox"?
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Mogwai  +   619d ago
Everybody knew what microsoft were aiming for and the it even looks like a foxtel/cable box, games are clearly secondary. Ugly box, crap name but i dont mind the tron type look of the controller.
vitullo31  +   619d ago
no games LOL
ExitToExisT  +   619d ago
40 mins left and no games shown on a 'gaming console'
ApolloTheBoss  +   619d ago
RRoD Confirmed.
steve30x  +   619d ago
With all that ventillation I doubt it will overheat unless you do something stupid like put it into an enclosed space or stack other hardware on top of it.

I could be wrong though but it does like it does have adequit cooling.
stage88  +   619d ago
Holy sh-- this conference is awful.
rmw2hot  +   619d ago
i actually like the design of the new xbox. Can't wait 2 see how the ps4 looks next month.
vitullo31  +   619d ago
i dont mean to be a ps fanboy but this thing has shit on ps4 and i still want to see some you know.. games
Honest_gamer  +   619d ago
im 20 minutes in and still no games WTF if i want to watch TV i'll watch tv dont build ur whole system around it get to the games allready loved se'ing kojima tho, dam he is a sexy man, name - STUPID ome xbox one wtf, design looks fine but is one half gray and the other black? almsot made me sick, why isnt kinect built in? and "starting of the HD generation" no you didnt you said HD wasnt possible and infact 1st xbox's didn't even do hd?
tigertron  +   619d ago
This has got to be the most underwhelming presentation I have seen in a long time. No focus on games right now, a console that looks like a VCR player with LOADS of vents and a name that retcons both the Xbox and the Xbox 360.

Still, the controller doesn't look too shabby...the best thing I've heard so far is the Blu-ray drive.
Ashunderfire86  +   619d ago
Never would of guess it would be called Xbox One, I rather Infinity. 22 minutes and still no game shown,. I guarantee all the game shown are just third party and one first party game, Forza 5.
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itchy18  +   619d ago
They should have named it Xbox Cable Box or XCableBox. lmao
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   619d ago
Lol good one
bligmerk  +   619d ago
Hey, you guys got it all wrong. It is Xbox Wan. Wan is chinese for a number that is beyond limit = infinity, so it is Xbox Infinity except half chinese.

Looks like the emphasis is making something called a box look like a box, big win there (win, not wan). Nice touch with being cloud based and the kinex2 looking at you all the time. Course, it is looking at you watching intelligent TV. Mattrick for the win, or is that for the wan?

Also, nice to hold it on the MS campus so the audience can all be employees, snicker.
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rajman  +   619d ago
Console reveal trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watc...
Neonridr  +   619d ago
Sure you don't necessarily need all these extra features with a gaming console, but the fact that I can do all this with the Xbox One is a nifty idea. I do love how it integrates my cable box into the system. The Wii U has that feature and I love it personally.

Not for everyone of course, but I think integration is the way of the future.

And I think it's smaller than you guys think. Hard to tell the exact size when all you see it is on a giant screen, or on a table far off. The Original PS3 was a beast of a console too, don't forget.
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RandomDude655  +   619d ago
Wow terrible terrible name....makes no sense. God this conference is boring. Also lol at three operating systems....why is this necessary?
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   619d ago
Uhh....still not a single game...ps4 is looking better and better. I don't even watch t.v.!!!!!
abc1233  +   619d ago
Stupid name. I can see your average consumer thinking of this as an inferior Xbox 360 rather than the next gen system, similar to how people thought Nintendo released a gamepad rather than a console. Why couldn't they have just stuck with Xbox Infinity.
tigertron  +   619d ago
Customer: "Hey can I get an Xbox One please?"

Store assistant: "Sure, they're right over here in the pre-owned section, prices from around £30"
vitullo31  +   619d ago
hey i already have an xbox one what the hells going on!!!
El Nino  +   619d ago
Without sounding like a complete tw@t...

this is probably the ugliest looking console, worst named console ever released....

whats worse....its not even a game's console.

Neonridr  +   619d ago
You thought the PS3 was a good looking console? Wow, poor standards I guess..
a_adji  +   619d ago
Microsoft have officially gone out the console business and shut the game down. My mind is made up and as big as it it I will be getting one and not the ps4
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