New Resident Evil 5 info in next Famitsu

PSU writes:

"New details on Capcom's forthcoming horror title Resident Evil 5 are to be featured in the next issue of Japanese publication, Weekly Famitsu, via a free DVD.

Rumours of new coverage emerged earlier this week on various Resident Evil fan sites, with official confirmation coming today in the form of a message posted on Capcom's 25th anniversary website.

According to a translation made by members of The Horror Is Alive (a popular RE community site), the text in the image reads, 'Biohazard 5 Exclusive Footage + Interview' (for those unaware, Resident Evil is known as Biohazard in Japan)

The magazine is due to hit shelves in Japan on March 28. Stay tuned for further information as it becomes available."

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sonarus3917d ago

i think bio hazard is a far better name than "resident evil". They don't even go to the residence anymore

MADGameR3917d ago

S rank does'nt even exist in the U.S. version! I was watching a video of a Japanese beating the Japanese version and getting an S rank. You have to beat the game under 1 hour and 30 minutes using only 1 herb and the handgun with the 2nd choice being either the shotgun or the magnum, You can't get both the shotgun and the magnum. So I beat the game exactly as it told me to only using 1 herb, the handgun and I chose the magnum, and completed the game at 1:24:11 in the U.S. version and I STILL got an A rank! The guy beat the Japanese version under 1 hour and 30 minutes as well, he got hit more times than I did throughout the whole game, he used an aidspray and still got an S rank! wtf is that?! It was the dual shock version I beat, it could be that. I'm going to have to beat the original version to see what happens. Back on subject here, I can't wait for RE5! Hopefully there will be a new trailer...I hope its as long as the MGS4 trailers! XD

killing_Art3916d ago

Its more like the evil resident in people´s bodies, turning them into zombies.
but I do agree that Biohazard sounds way better.
I cant wait to see that footage.

chaosatom3333917d ago

wohoo! RE5 is going to be the biggest game of the year.
I feel said for the Wii owners tho. It was a gamecube exculsive, but then it came to ps2. Now it's ps3 and xbox360 exclusive.

SmokeyMcBear3917d ago

funny, i could have sworn i played resident evil on my original playstation.. hmnmmm

BeaArthur3916d ago

chaosatom333...I agree, it sucks for them, Resident Evil 4 is one of my all time favorites. zone?

chaosatom3333916d ago

I was just talking about RE4 tho, because that's the first time i played a resident evil game.

Kaz Hirai3917d ago

Expect an early 2009 release, Sony Soldiers, the same time as God of War 3!
Resident Evil 5 vs God of War 3? Which one are you looking forward to more, Sony Soldiers?


Breakfast3917d ago

Im no sony soldier but, God of War 3 of course...although this game is pretty nuts too

poopface13916d ago

Id have to go with RE5. When I was younger Resident evil was the reason I bought my playstation and I still think of resident evil 2 any time I hear resident evil or playstation 1.

pp3917d ago

xbox 360 exclusive.exspect this game to come out 3 months later for ps3

You bought an Xbox3917d ago

Now go pull your bottom lip over your forehead and swallow

BilI Gates3917d ago

Hmm a little stupid there aren't ya? If anything it would be coming out later on Xbox 360. Resident Evil 5 is a PlayStation franchise and according to rumors, the game will be exclusive to PS3 in Japan which probably means they're using the PS3 as the lead platform. Now go cry in your corner like your mom does every night, knowing that her son is a middled aged loser without a job or a life.

- Your friendly neighborhood Bill

jackhammer063917d ago

Please Capcom release some gameplay videos......That would be so awesome!!!

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