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Xbox Reveal 2013 Live

Check out the pre-Show starting at 12 PM EST, the reveal at 1 PM EST and the post-show at 2 PM EST. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

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dontliebro   735d ago | Spam
Prcko  +   735d ago
gogogogo,can't w8
thechosenone  +   734d ago
Hey Prcko you're the top dog now! Congrats. bub+1 for being awesome.

my fav moment so far

Geoff: What does MS need to have at this event to make it really special

Ex-MS crony: Halo

Geoff: Another Halo? (you actually saw him frown)


(it's moments like these that make watching boring press events so worth it. :D)

Rev3games is also doing a live stream

(Forza overtook GT? When the hell did this happen? Did their last game sell more than 10 million copies? Did the franchise sell more than 70 million copies total? So how in Da fook did they over take GT?! Answer me gametrailers!)
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Septic  +   734d ago
Gotta love the dramatic music. Less than 2 minutes left!!!
darthv72  +   734d ago
xbox one...
cloud powered...interesting
loulou  +   734d ago
looks good
Septic  +   734d ago
Ugh looks terrible!
Septic  +   734d ago
Entertainment console confirmed. Wow so friggin fast. Multi tasking is brilliant on this.

But where are the games??
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Skips  +   734d ago | Funny
Microsoft - "We at Xbox LOVE gaming.......... now let's watch TV."
thechosenone  +   734d ago
MS stuck in the 90s? This would have been cool a number of years ago but today everyone is moving away from the traditional content distribution model and having it being centralized in just one place.

What about the hardware? Where's the info on how beefy it is compared to PS4? heh
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Skip_Bayless   734d ago | Trolling | show
loulou   734d ago | Trolling | show
Septic  +   734d ago
15 exclusive ips. Wow very good. Lets hope they are core titles.
Jockamo  +   734d ago
holy shit DOG ARMOR
Septic  +   734d ago
Lol the new COD looks so mediocre. Battlefield 3 on PC destroys it visually and technically.
thechosenone  +   734d ago
That was lame so incredibly lame. :D Without question PS4 > Xbox -1. PS4 is a much more attractive product for gamers but if TV & Movies is your thing then I suggest you go with the Xbox.

(and COD looks current gen! lulz But don't worry it'll have the same old laggy gameplay and poor hit-detection just like always. COD DOA next-gen, Killzone, Destiny, BF4 all day).

@Septic from the 15, 8 are new IPs but they didn't say how many of those were kinect titles.
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Computersaysno  +   734d ago
Xbox 1 came out 12 years ago didn't it?

malokevi  +   734d ago
They spent half the show talking about sports, sports games, fantasy teams, and interviews with sports stars...


All I wanted to see was some impressive software... I saw NOTHING.

No demonstration of Kinect integrated into games. Nothing really cool... at all.

The TV thing is awesome, the social capabilities, but... that was supposed to be the gravy. Wheres the potatoes? WHERES THE GAMES?

I'm sort of dissapointed right now. Console looks beutiful, funtionality is awesome, but... I didn't see what I wanted to see.

At least the PS4 conference had tech demos, trailers, in-game footage, and that cool modeling app with the Move.

Microsofts focus is BS. If they don't demonstrate some serious stuff at E3 next month, i will be considering PS4 as my primary gaming console.

Which is sad news to me...
Anon1974  +   734d ago | Well said
That was god awful. What was that? 50 minutes of how the Xbox is now a cable box? I see that Sony stock surged up almost 10% in a matter of minutes to a high not seen in a year and a half about mid way through this train wreck.

But onto the event. It seems always on, always watching, showed no games (just cgi trailers) and the entire focus was on how the Xbox was your new cable box. Seriously, we should take this whole Xbox reveal thread and move it over to TechSpy because it had almost nothing to do with games, which I believe is supposed to be the focus of this site.

The original Xbox was my favourite console of it's gen (sorry PS2). The 360 was alright. I was already planning on waiting with the Xbox One just because of hardware issues I suffered through with the 360, but now I think I'll pass. There just seems to be no reason a gamer would actually buy one of these based on that reveal.

Microsoft have lost their collective minds, in my opinion. It's like they have no clue who took the Xbox to the heights it achieved. It was a big middle finger to all Xbox fans.
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loulou  +   734d ago
darkride your talking out of your arse, and no doubt that stock thread yours that got failed.

the tv stuff was great no doubt. the rapid moving between services was good aswell. and the kinect/skype will be great for using when i speak to my family in the UK.

the console looks like a no nonsense console (looks wise) with a hint of blu-ray player and set-top box.... which it is. buy the looks you can see that microsoft are trying to appeal to a broader market. which i think is going to work in their favour.

i still want to see what they show at e3.. but with the talk of the cheque book being flashed, and 15 exclusives within 12 months of launch, they are up for it.

i think that they are going to give sony an even tougher fight next-gen..

ps4 and xbox1 are both day 1 for me now.
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DragonKnight  +   734d ago
People though Microsoft would reveal a next gen gaming console. What we all got was an "entertainment" box that does sports and voice commands really well but...

Related video
SilentNegotiator  +   734d ago

....television series.

MysticStrummer  +   734d ago
Hear that sound? It's Sony laughing.

MS could still redeem themselves at E3, but this reveal might have actually helped PS4 buzz.
gta2800  +   734d ago
If Comcast made a new cable box that happened to have some gaming capability it would be the Xbox One!
DARK WITNESS  +   734d ago

and they had the nerve to take the piss out of sony for not showing hardware, what a joke.

MS could not have got this more wrong.. yet again.

There are loads of people in my office that have 360 for casual gaming, None of them stayed behind to watch this crap. The 4 of us who did were all waiting for them to show games...

The only smart thing they did was not change the controller and make sure the casing was so big there is no chance of it RROD'ing

I can now safely say i am pre-ordering my ps4
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nix  +   734d ago
feels surreal.

i mean how can MS screw this up? after Sony's show everyone wanted to hear about games on xbox. games. but noh. i wonder which idiots are running this show?

they probably went back to xbox one bcoz ipad also went back to 1 or a zero, in their case.

funniest part is Sony's stock going up midway. i mean talk about irony there.

i can't wait to read the memes now.
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nthstew  +   734d ago
RedDevils  +   734d ago
DAMN that one ugly BOX LMAO
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BattleAxe  +   734d ago
No real game announcements, lots of TV, a live action Halo series, a new Forza game, Kinect with every console....ths was all too predictable, and I'm really underwhelmed by this press conference.
bintarok  +   734d ago
XboxReveal at Xbox.com plays war-themed fanfare songs, the next gen war is about to BEGIN!
Crazyglues  +   734d ago
and so it begins...
Dragonopolis  +   734d ago
Nice Babylon 5 reference
Maddens Raiders  +   734d ago
Damn it looks bigger than my family's first vcr! just saying... not judging its power.

Entertainment-centric, Always ON???? whoaaaa.....

I don't want to watch TV, I want to game!!

Bam! 2013

The controller seems to be a bit of the same?
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husomc  +   734d ago
18 minutes and still no games
syphon32  +   734d ago
Very lame
Irishguy95   734d ago | Immature | show
Donnieboi  +   734d ago
I found it kinda hard to stay awake during the whole thing. Was kinda boring. And that new COD game doesn't excite me about COD again.

Sports games and COD...typical. At least xbox knows it's own audience. I'm still not interested...
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MYSTERIO360  +   734d ago
It seems MS are competing with the cable box market. Good luck
ZombieKiller  +   734d ago
they strayed even further from games and brought the thing I hate the most to it.....sports. First off, I work in the cellular industry and the smart phones nowadays, do what this Xbox one does. I can't stand the sports takeover. its a gaming console. as if we didn't have TV already. they showed 3 games, on of which was call of doody....

despite having a 360, I'm not getting this one. it looks like its just going to be another money grubbing decade for MS. This time looks to be with things I dont want too.

It sounds like the titles to these consoles are really the scoreboard to how many generations of consoles I will ever buy from the companies. playstation=4 xbox=1
DARK WITNESS  +   734d ago
ya, feel the same
Rhaigun  +   734d ago
Its the very first day we've seen this machine, and I already hate it. I'd rather buy a WiiU at this point.
Psn800  +   734d ago
Ugh not for me this time around ! Ps4 all the way .
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Count  +   734d ago
Gee. Color me surprised.
Docknoss  +   734d ago
I heard that Kevin Butler will be giving a presentation for xbox at the E3 conference and his closing quote is "it only does everything better"!
Apocalypso  +   734d ago
The only place you heard that was from reading your comment out loud before posting.
Imalwaysright  +   734d ago
I didn't watch the conference but judging by the comments here it seems that MS will be following the same strategy they had with the 360 in the past 3 years and to me that is a no no. They better have new core Ips at E3 or else as far as gaming is concerned the Xbox and MS are dead to me.
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fatstarr  +   734d ago
after watching it twice. gen 8 is doomed Nintendo, sony and Microsoft failed us.

https://www.youtube.com/wat... the feelings of most watching.
aceitman  +   734d ago
my question is who is the people that clap at any and everything.
WinBuntuDroidOS  +   734d ago
The reveal did exactly what it was supposed to and it showed a lot about their plan to have a solid living room solution. It doesn't mean that it's not a games console, it's just like the guy said about having to switch inputs to get to other content. So now instead of a media center pc, a Roku device, a cable box, and a wifi router to network all that now it's integrated into one machine. That doesn't spell the doom of Xbox being a games console! The console still comes with a controller, not a remote like for your TV. They know gamers want games and they know living rooms are the center for entertainment.

Question to all the PS fanboys: when PS2 came with DVD playback did that stop it from being a games console? Did it take away the focus of PS2 gamers playing their games? No, a gamer will play his or her games first and foremost before they look at the other capabilities of a console.
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Prcko  +   731d ago
Hellsvacancy  +   735d ago
2 mins old and 900*, 2 comments? did someone manually turn the thermostat up?

Edit: I see :)
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Emilio_Estevez  +   735d ago
Admin moved it up there so it's readily available for everyone to see.

yes, he did. (not me)

Also, be sure not to waste all your bubs here to early guys and gals.
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TrevorPhillips  +   735d ago
Thank you Emilio! :)

Btw, any chance on a new Mighty Ducks movie loll :P
brave27heart  +   734d ago
Quack quack quack quack.....
ArmrdChaos  +   734d ago
You can fix the bubble system by changing it so that new accounts start off with only 1 bubble. That way the people who want to act like asshats only to create a new account for more bubbles will have no recourse. Want more bubbles...then I guess you will have to earn them and behave appropriately.
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Emilio_Estevez  +   734d ago
Neither of us can change that, srry dude...We do try to watch new accounts though and it does yield results.
Christopher  +   734d ago
I abused my powers. I admit it.

What time should I expect the lynch mob?

Etseix  +   734d ago
in a bit, we're getting snacks and sodas at the store first :D
DragonKnight  +   734d ago
This kind of thing is worth the power abuse though. Console reveals should be at the top of the list in terms of heat.

Tonester925  +   734d ago
andjudunno  +   735d ago
cmon shenmue 3! lol
SuperLupe  +   734d ago
Instant win lol.
asad197  +   735d ago
Xbox ftw!!!! cant wait.
Fixay  +   735d ago
woooooo best be good!
biRdy  +   735d ago
IGN and Rev3Games are both having shows
IGN Link http://www.youtube.com/watc...
Rev3Games Link http://www.youtube.com/watc...
fatstarr  +   735d ago
Smh all these companies ruining my e3 hype levels
darkpower  +   735d ago
Oh God, Goeff Knightely?

Better bring some Doritos and drink Mtn Dew to watch this!
Hrasda   735d ago | Spam
xBigxBossx  +   734d ago
Generations change..
Graphics evolve..

War never changes..

Execute order 66
E2S   734d ago | Trolling | show
YodaCracker  +   734d ago
I haven't been this excited about gaming since... Hell, February 20!
Soldierone  +   734d ago
So their marketing was wrong. It said 9AM PST on almost everything, did they not realize daylight savings time? It's already 9 lol

And the conference hasn't even started and the MS employees are already bashing Sony lmao
Kidmyst  +   734d ago
If MSFT does enough to wow me, my wallet will get a lot slimmer this year/next. Hopefully more new core games and less Kinect.
alb1899  +   734d ago
Stop crying like a baby: Microsoft will focus in core gamers and casual too!
Wait and see!
ZombieKiller  +   734d ago
what are we waiting to see?!
Sideras  +   734d ago
You were saying?
Jek_Porkins  +   734d ago
My body is ready!
mrmancs   734d ago | Trolling | show
Unlimax  +   734d ago
Let's see what they have ~
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THE-COMMANDER  +   734d ago
I Can't Wait!
josephayal  +   734d ago
i'm so excited i can't feel my fingers
AbhishekGIS  +   734d ago
I can wait
goldwyncq  +   734d ago
The final competitor of this gen's console war will finally be revealed!
KimiRaikkonen   734d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
iNFAMOUZ1  +   734d ago
True next Gen baby 13 minutes guys!!!!! Place is about to blow!!!!
Y_5150  +   734d ago
This conference could be either Awesome, confusing or just out right disappointing. I'm looking forward to the outcome! :)
Y_5150  +   734d ago
I wasn't impressed. None of that stuff appealed to me. TV, Sports, Halo, Kinect, Forza, and Call of Duty never got me on buying a 360. So how is that stuff going to make me buy a X1? Even the new IP's trailer didn't make sense at all. I like how you can switch stuff like a click of a finger and that 15 exclusives are coming through 2013-14 for X1 but I think I will never buy an Xbox in my life.
Tetsujin  +   734d ago
I was watching the conference with a friend, and we clocked roughly 51 minutes of filler with 9 minutes of actual "game" talk/footage. Microsoft will have to do a lot to re-instate confidence in gamers to keep them through next gen, otherwise a lot of people will jump to the competition.

With the way the crowd was responding you can tell the conference wasn't up to expectation; a few claps however nothing like the crowd during the PS4 reveal.
True_Samurai  +   734d ago
Minato-Namikaze  +   734d ago
Is my time off? Its 12:42pm here. 18 minutes
True_Samurai  +   734d ago
I live in the central time in Alabama
Majors  +   734d ago
yup way off

No not really
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goldwyncq  +   734d ago
6 minutes
DivineAssault  +   734d ago
Rare needs to do as well as they did w nintendo by making stuff like Killer Instinct & BattleToads for me to get MS new machine.. Make new games or reboot older ones rare, if its kinect stuff, i just wont do it & give up on em
Squall5005  +   734d ago
It will be called 'Xbox'
Squall5005  +   734d ago
Well I got that wrong
PSVita  +   734d ago
The're literally doing worse than I could have imagined....I do like the fantasy league app tho
#30.1.1 (Edited 734d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(2) | Report
SillyBastid  +   734d ago
fantasy app is nice... if you are using ESPN.. but who uses their shit fantasy site... its all CBS and Yahoo... so worthless
punisher99  +   734d ago
Xbox? Didn't that console come out already?
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