The Sims 2 Expansion Pack Compendium

Now that The Sims 2 expansion packs have all been released, the difficulty for players new to the game is deciding on which packs are worth buying. While the stuff packs pretty much speak for themselves, the relative value of each of the expansions isn't as easy to ascertain from reading the back of the box.

It's a little overwhelming - which is why NZGamer has put together this guide to give a bit of a brief overview for each of the expansion packs. While each title is great in its own way, you should by no means feel that you must buy every single one to get the most out of the game. NZGamer have rated each game, in order of preference, with a 1 representing the 'must have' title, and 7 the other end of the scale, tactfully called 'optional'.

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