Bungie Tells Almost All About Upcoming Halo 3

Bungie and Microsoft have announced and detailed quite a bit about the upcoming Halo 3 multiplayer DLC; dubbed the Legendary Map Pack.

The Legendary Map Pack is a follow up to the Heroic Map Pack, released early December. It includes 3 new maps, the first of which is named Ghost Town; a "battle-scarred maze of narrow passages and dangerous ruins outside the once-prosperous city of Voi," created for the intention of Team Slayer and objective-chasing based modes.


Title should read "Bungie Tells Almost All About Upcoming Halo 3 DLC".

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pp3922d ago

one off my favourite game i can't wait

Breakfast3922d ago

my favourite game :) ...cant wait

Hopefully they give us the last map on tonights update. I want my MIDSHIP or LOCKOUT

BeaArthur3922d ago

Haven't played the last map pack too much so I probably won't pick this one up.

KYU21303922d ago

not a real big HALO fan but i do have the game and i have played it. maybe they should do an expansion pack instead of multiplayer maps. flesh out the game a little

Breakfast3922d ago

What would an expansion do that the dlc or auto updates cant? The games probably not for you... it cant be for everyone

kevoncox3922d ago

man this site has some of the most Rabid Pro S**y M*ds ever...
On topic...I have left halo 3 a long time ago, never to return.

kevin11223922d ago

oh quit complaining, if you dont troll so much you wont get banned.

zonetrooper53922d ago

You were banned for a reason, if you felt that you got banned for no reason then please feel free to PM me or some other moderators and admins to get the banned shortened or canceled.

kevoncox3922d ago

u have been added to my list! thanks!

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