Microsoft Offers New Final Fantasy XIV Illustration and Windows Theme on the day of Next Xbox Reveal

Today the partnership between Microsoft and Square Enix reached its climax with the release of a new and beautiful illustration by Lead Character Designer Akihiko Yoshida and a full fledged Windows theme, sparking more speculation on a possible Next Xbox reveal.

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slpknt6sic61829d ago

Final Fantasy versus xiii....

Abriael1829d ago

... Is not what this article is talking about.

slpknt6sic61829d ago

I know that, im just saying deep pockets Microsoft might try to steal an exclusive from sony. I hope to god it doesnt happened im just saying its not impossible. Especially since they got desperate with being behind on games and stuff.

DragonKnight1829d ago

@slpknt6sic6: Not likely. Not impossible, but not likely. One, Nomura is a confirmed PS fan. Two, rumours suggest that VSXIII is going to be renamed and that Sony has helped fund the project, which eliminates all possibility of a multiplat. But as that is a rumour, nothing is certain. Still, the likelihood of MS stealing VSXIII at this point is slim to none as they have other things to focus on.

JD_Shadow1829d ago

It would be foolish, anyway. One of the 360's main issues was the lack of high quality exclusives that people wanted to play. Everything was third party stuff with exclusive DLC or maps or something else that you had to buy extra. They need their own games, and getting another PS exclusive would only complicate that effort further and would just make this next system into more of the same.

It's probably 14, which was supposed to at some point reach the 360, anyway, but didn't because of MS's stubborness to let people on XBL play with those on other platforms. Maybe MS learned their lessons and will allow such on the next console, which would actually be a plus despite what I just said before.

Pyrrhus1829d ago

Logically, if SE released a great deal of info on Versus it would be after they give more solid info on FF14 and Lightning Returns.

Remember that SE likes to disappoint, its no use getting our hopes up on Versus yet..

THamm1829d ago

Wow at the shock in the room

Minato-Namikaze1829d ago

Maybe this is news SE was talking about last week? I dont think SE will be going down the route of giving the Xbox any more exclusives. Many Japanese companies seem to be focusing on Nintendo and Sony more at the moment.

Pyrrhus1829d ago

Well considering the fact the Playstation is the most popular console in the homeland of Sony...
It was amusing that people thought it meant FFV13 would be coming to Xbox, predominently since SE have divulged very little on FF14 and FF13:LR.

Today we will most likely see FF14 coming to next gen consoles.

Grlpants1829d ago

Could this be a hint of what is may launch with the new Xbox!? >_<

Jreca1829d ago

FF14 for nextbox is more likely with every piece of news. We'll wait and see in some hours.

Heavenly King1829d ago

so far as I know Xbox Live policy is not "compatible" with mmos.

Abriael1829d ago

True, and that's why I was skeptical as well, but they may very well change the policy for the new console.

Zechs341829d ago

FFXI basically launched with the console and is still playable today... Jus sayin

Abriael1829d ago

That's kind of different, because FFXI was launched before the current policies were put in place. We'll have to wait and see.

Iceman X1829d ago

FFXI didn't launch with 360 it came out 3 or 2 years later, after pc ,ps2 had it.

Jek_Porkins1829d ago

Look into Class4 by Undead Labs and the MMO Lionhead Studios is working on. Rules change, and MMO's were something missing from this generation, I think with new hardware, it's entirely possible to get them on consoles and the next Xbox in particular.

mwjw6961829d ago

FFXI, Phantasy Star Universe, and Defiance would beg to differ. I think there was one more but I can't remeber the name.

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