‘Freedom Wars’ (PS Vita) supports up to 8-players co-op online


A few additional details on SCE Japan Studio’s Freedom Wars, a “recapture” multiplayer action game for the PS Vita that’s scheduled to come out in 2014, have emerged now that its official website has been updated.

Chief amongst those details? Freedom Wars is a co-op action game that will support up to eight players online simultaneously. That’s twice the co-op party size of Monster Hunter, God Eater, and other games of this genre. Ad-hoc play will of course be supported as well.

The PS Vita’s GPS and Near functionalities will also be utilised in some unspecified manner. That said, in one of the game’s screenshots, you clearly see a map of Japan divided into many sub-sections highlighted by different colours. Another screenshot shows what appears to be a Yahoo! Japan map.

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chestnut11221794d ago

These is What I am looking for :D

tubers1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

In the near future, the world lies in ruins, and the outside world can no longer support life.
Humanity created cities known as "Panopticon" around the world, and continued to survive.
However, the various cities compete with each other for depleting resources and the research which can sustain life in harsh environments.
To control their own population, each Panopticon imposes penal labor on their people - The crime of living carries a sentence of a million years.
Those living under these conditions are known as "Criminals" and they are forced into aiding the war effort as "Volunteers".
For a chance at freedom, these "Criminals" fight to rescue captureed civilians.

This is a 8 player "Recovery" Multiplayer Action game made possible by the many features of the PS Vita!



I think it could be 4v4 not just 8 co-op

In the screen shots there are people who are suited with White and the other Black.

joeorc1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

if you count there is 7 suited white! which is good guys that looks to me like it is 8 player co-op

see for yourself.

Minato-Namikaze1794d ago

I so want this game, more games for my vita is always good.

tubers1794d ago

Actually there's 6 black suits and 6 white suits..

There's actually one guy hiding under the last japanese character (top mid of screen shot).

Maybe some are AI controlled?

chestnut11221794d ago

I have read somewhere that there are vehicles or mecha you can drive around in these game. Sounds amazing ;)

tubers1794d ago

Hopefully this game has enough single player (more traditional solo) experience.