Fans ask Sony Europe for a Official Blog

Fans on the Official European Playstation Forums are calling for Sony Europe to give them an Official Blog, just like the one that has been so successful for Sony America.

For too long Sony fans in Europe have felt like they have had the raw end of the stick with late releases, lack of communication and hiked up price. So now they want Sony to listen and by the looks of the poll results so far, they may need to.

Are you a fans in Europe who supports this if so please vote in the poll today.

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wotta3893d ago

It will be interesting to see if Sony Europe listen to their fans.

kwicksandz3893d ago

we already know what sony thinks of their PAL customers

Delayed launch, ludicrous price gouging, selling gimped version of hardware, shameful psn store compared to JP and NA .

PAL = gets the shaft

BrianC62343893d ago

Shouldn't this story say European PS3 gamers ask SCEE for an official blog? It says Sony but each territory has their own people. I agree they need one though. I'm tired of reading all the crying on the SCEA blog. SCEA can't tell SCEE what to do.

BrianC62343893d ago

"Delayed launch, ludicrous price gouging, selling gimped version of hardware, shameful psn store compared to JP and NA"

I wouldn't blame Sony for most of that. Europe pays more for everything. I guess a lot has to do with import taxes or something. I don't know the reason but it sure isn't just Sony who does it.

As for the SCEE store, a big problem is Europe has too many languages. The demos have to go through an approval process and those demos take longer because of the languages. Maybe Europe could agree on English as their gaming language or something.

whoelse3893d ago

Seems kind of pointless because devs will perfer to post on the us blog which will get more hits.

Regret3893d ago

WTH is ThreeSpeech then? :S

wotta3893d ago

Although ThreeSpeech is a good site it is not Official, unlike the Sony Blog on ThreeSpeech no-one from Europe ever posts directly, they also don't respond to comments like they do on the Official Blog and therefore it is completely different.

RedDragan3893d ago

rumours, rumours, rumours.

that's threespeech, it ain't sony.

Buubar3893d ago

I'd love to have an official blog! :)

RedDragan3893d ago

Hell yeah, Europe is the biggest market. Sales and profit!

We made the PS3 successful, we deserve a blog. We deserve answers.

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The story is too old to be commented.