Sony's PS Vita Exclusive Freedom Wars Gets First Screenshots

Sony Computer Entertainement Japan just partly unveiled the game that was previously identified as "Panopticon".

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Inception1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Lookin at the gameplay screenshot, it looks like Valkyria Chronicles, but maybe in real time & fight some monsters.

Abriael1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

If it is anywhere like Valkyria Chronicles I'm sold. 100 times over.

Even because they're probably bringing this over to the west, unlike Sega with Valkyria 3.

What makes it even more interesting is the screenshot with the yahoo map, possibly indicating some form of augmented reality.

Inception1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

My common prediction:

Sony lookin at Valkyria Chronicles and think it still have untapped potential. And then they ask SEGA for a new VC for PS3/Vita co-develope with Sony Japan Studio. Just like Sony made Soul Sacrifice with Comcept/Marvelous for Vita. But Sega said 'NO' and they choose the other road with Nintendo (exclusive Sonic & Yakuza 1-2 HD for Nintendo platform). Well i can't blame Sega. It's business afterall and they got shitty condition because Alien:CM. So, Sony continued their 'look alike' Valkyria Chronicles project and bam! Freedom Wars is born for Vita.

Btw, my prediction is true that Freedom Wars is for Vita. Heheh, watch out Pachter, i will steal your job in no time :P :P :P

Blastoise1765d ago

I think if you guys are expecting Valkyria chronicles style gameplay you will probably be disappointed

This has boss hunting game written all over it

Abriael1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

@Blastoise: Very possible, but the game still looks sick, so I'm quite sure It'll be enjoyable regardless of genre.

After all the best part of Valkyria was the story.

NewMonday1765d ago

It seems the character with the big gun is the on controllable hear, I don't think this is like VC gameplay, just similar cell shading.

Black-Helghast1765d ago

Good, this is good. This is the first Vita game that got my attention. I haven't bought a Vitaf cause the games there honestly don't draw my attention. I say make another J game like this one, then a Kingdom Hearts or a Final Fantasy with gameplay mechanics like Crisis core,maybe a patapon game and I'm def buying a Vita.

sikbeta1765d ago


how about games from important franchises this year?

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r211765d ago

The details in that in game screenshot is crazy! Props to Japan Studio :D

talocaca1765d ago

I knew it! Coming from studio Japan I expect good things.

HarvesterOSarow1765d ago

Good news that it's Japan Studio to go along with a pretty sweet trailer. I hope to hear more about this title in the future!

tarbis1765d ago

Color me excited! Can't wait for this game.

tubers1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

It looks like a cover based shooter with some melee.. closest thing I can think of to relate it with is God Eater + The 3rd Birthday.

Here's more with some weird discolored filter:


Abriael1765d ago

THAT looks interesting. Didn't think to do that :D

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The story is too old to be commented.