The Xbox reveal will take place in two parts, Aaron Greenberg says

EDGE - According to Microsoft executive Aaron Greenberg stated on the Major Nelson podcast, the Xbox reveal will take place in two parts. The first, taking place tomorrow, will highlight the console itself. The second will happen at E3 and focus primarily on the games that will be coming to the new console.

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BiggCMan1582d ago

Hahaha, intelligent bubble!

pompombrum1582d ago

Lol, probably the only thing they can boast with "better with kinect" and actually be accurate.

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ThatCanadianGuy5141583d ago

So they're basically doing the opposite of what sony did at it's reveal? lol

Although Sony no doubt has a number of new games to reveal at E3 as well.c'mon MS.At least a playable demo of something badass.

Mr-Dude1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Although Microsoft may yet surprise us all,maybe with the illumiroom (im 90% sure about this)and the unveiling of the console itself (they have to show it now because they pointed and laughed and then judged Ninty and Sony for not doing it) the specs what will be on par with the PS4 (maybe a tiny bit better or tiny bit less but overal the same) and 10-12 min of gameplay from COD: Ghosts, FIFA, new Forza, PGR, maybe UFC and then a teaser of HALO 5.

But on the other hand, Sony will have some tricks up their sleeves as well, and a bunch of new games.(GG, Santa Monica, Naughty Dog etc) So overal, im looking forward to the next couple of weeks

Zechs341582d ago

Illumniroom will not be ready for this console when it launches, and even if by some miracle,it was, imagine the upkick in price for this console.
It is simply not viable right now.

Mr-Dude1582d ago

I'm no expert offcourse, but we will see tonight.

aviator1891582d ago

Makes sense.
E3 is just around the corner, so we won't have to wait too long to see all the games ms is having developed for their new xbox.

CYCLEGAMER1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

I actually prefer it this way, E3 is about the games, let me know what I need to know about the console today. They only have an hour, so this is not so much of a surprise.

Minato-Namikaze1582d ago

No excuse. They can show games now and then more games at E3.

aviator1891582d ago

I don't think it's a matter pulling out excuses.
Each company will have different strategies regarding product reveals and this is microsoft's.

cyhm31121582d ago

they probably don't have that many exclusives to show, that's why they might leave it until E3. I think they at most will have only 1 NEW ip shown, no more.

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