Next-Gen Dark Souls 2: ‘Right Now There’s No Intent’

X360: Microsoft is ready to reveal the next-gen Xbox, but Dark Souls 2′s director says there is ‘no intent’ to have From Software’s sequel on the new consoles.

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Dailynch1163d ago

I think this is a big mistake. Dark Souls 2 will look really dated next to the next-gen games we are about to see revealed at Microsoft's event tonight.

camel_toad1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

I agree that it will look dated but I think as far as the fan base of the series goes (myself included) , it won't even matter.

I'm actually quite pleased with how it looks so far though.

sdozzo1163d ago

Agreed. Just Make Quality.

decrypt1163d ago

Next gen Darksouls 2 will be out on the PC platform, 1080p 60fps and beyond.

Console gamers will just have to wait for a HD remake if that ever happens.

TopDudeMan1163d ago

Yes, camel, I completely agree. If we cared about the graphics that much, then we'd be playing souls games for the wrong reason.

Blastoise1163d ago

I don't care personally. As long as they sort the framerate and the few graphical glitches Dark souls had I'm not too bothered. It was the art direction and design that made Dark souls look incredible, not the polygons

puamdefokejpn1163d ago

Why the hell not,.. release it in 1080P 60fps with better textures and lots of AA and Aniso,.. That would just be amazing

Letros1163d ago

It's been confirmed for PC, no worries.

g-nome1163d ago

Would have been an epic gaming moment to pop a new DS2 disk into a new ps4.

sdozzo1163d ago

Epicnamebro For Sure.

seanpitt231163d ago

They say it might not come out this year so it really should of been next gen.

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