Before GTA V: A Look Back At Max Payne 3

WC - In my opinion, Max Payne 3 is Rockstar’s best game. It eclipses even Grand Theft Auto IV in every way, from technology, to gameplay to the story line. Every thing about Max Payne 3 oozed Rockstar, from the attention to detail to America-poking writing to the maturity. It’s all trademark Rockstar, and it’s there in spades. So let’s take a look at why Max Payne 3 is so great, and how it will affect GTA V.

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Lordchunk1797d ago

I loved Max Payne 3 the story and cast was great i liked the multiplayer too the only regret was the season pass it would of been more worthwhile if there was story content instead of focusing on just multiplayer although i did like dead men walking, overall one of my best games of 2012.