Star Trek: The Video Game Review - The Digital Fix

Captain’s Log, Stardate 2009.129. JJ Abrams releases into the wild his reboot of the classic sci-fi TV series, Star Trek. A commercial and critical success and one which was accepted by fans and non-fans alike thanks to its refreshingly modern take on the classical characters of Kirk, Spock and the rest of the gang. It was a Summer blockbuster with all that comes with it, action movie, comedy, sci-fi and more all at once. It was never in doubt a sequel would one day arrive and this Summer Star Trek Into Darkness has opened in cinemas globally. With such a massive franchise for Paramount it was always likely a videogame movie tie-in would arrive sooner or later. In fact the studio had been planning for quite some time having acquired the rights to Chris Pine (Kirk) and Zachary Quinto’s (Spock) likenesses in 2011 and signed them up - and the rest of the cast - for voice duties in 2012.

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