What Does the PS4 Look Like?

IGN - We stop on every frame of the PS4 teaser in an effort to figure out what the console looks like.

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Shivvy1612d ago

A Fully Hectic Case and inside its a Fully Sick Machine thats capable of playing Fully Tabooli Games

consolez_FTW1612d ago

That's right! You heard it hear first folks, the PS4 will have vents. All that airflow to make sure this beast stays cool

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ElitaStorm1612d ago Show
Harmonizer1612d ago

Knowing Sony it can't possible be any worse than MS.

Besides, i'd like it to look nice next to my awesome Sony TV.

Chapter111612d ago

"Do you think it'll support component cables?"

"I hope not."

Um, why? Its none of your damn business what kind of TV I have so why are so desperately hoping it doesn't have the support? Does that affect you in any way? Asshole.

MidnytRain1612d ago

Supporting outdated tech on newer products generally makes them more expensive. Just sayin...

valanceer1612d ago

well if you have the money to buy a ps4 then hopefully you have a tv that supports hdmi cables...

dark_1011612d ago

You know that this feature is optional right?

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The story is too old to be commented.