The State of Wii U: Rumors of its Early Death are Greatly Exaggerated

GenGAME writes: "Wii U’s had a rough six months. No denying it. It’s hard to pull off a console launch, and judging by the struggles that 3DS and Vita had in 2011, it would have taken a miracle for Wii U to beat the trend. Since 2013 kicked off, the system has only seen 10 new games – three of which hit today, May 21. The platform’s current weekly sales have become something of a laughingstock among critics. None of this is good.

"However, there’s a silver lining beneath all the bad: Wii U is starting to come together as a platform with a mission. And compared to other next-gen devices, it’s actually not doing too badly."

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DivineAssault 1826d ago

Wii U is not going to die lol.. It will prolly get the least attention but its not going to die.. Nintendo is legendary & has never given up a console battle.. Virtual boy was a semi handheld & doesnt count (they didnt even invent it either, they bought the rights to it)

fr0sty1826d ago

By that logic, this article mentioning Vita shouldn't count either, since it too is a handheld.

showtimefolks1826d ago

Well it depends on what people feel is death in gaming

Will wiiu sell as much as wii most likely not but will it sell 40-60 million most likely will. I think we will be able to get a clear picture after E3 because all 3 console makers will be bring their A game to E3 so lets see

I know to Manu these apps and media features are important but to me personally a gaming console has to deliver exclusive games, now a day most 3rd party titles release on all systems so why buy 3 when all 3 will be getting the same games

And that's where I think both Nintendo and Sony are way pass MS, they have a long and successful history of delivering games and variety(verity more from Sony than ms)

People want wiiu to fail so badly and it makes no sense, Nintendo belongs in gaming industry and have done a lot right.

I feel like MS gets a free pass while they keep releasing same 3-4 games while Sony and Nintendo have to deliver so much more. Also wiiu dying is more American gaming journalist made up since USA means the world to most people living in the USA. There is a world outside USA full of gamers

Just look at how well Sony has done with ps3 in Europe in passing MS.

Wiiu will do well and if for nothing else will be a must have for Nintendo exclusives and hopefully some HD collections or remakes of older games

Aceman181826d ago

yea i'm american and that's how it is pretty much with the media in general here majority of the people here think USA=World.

fortunately i do not think that way and know that both Sony and Nintendo have always provided great gaming experiences.

i've no doubt that both the Vita and Wii U will be around for a long time, and have great games to show for it.

look at the flak Sony took this gen because of the launch price, and the glossing over Microsoft got for the massive RROD by the media.

diepdiep1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

Regardless, I still have faith in them. Since they were able to make a big comeback for the 3DS by releasing more games, the same thing can happen to the Wii U.

mcstorm1826d ago

I agree plus as I have said before the Wiiu only has 4 must own games at the moment in MarioU, ZombieU, Lego City and Monster Hunter 3. The rest of the AAA games are all on the PS3 and 360 so why would people look to spend £300 on a new console for the games that are on there current console.
This will be the same with the next gen PS and Xbox. If Sony bring out GT6 on the PS3 and not the PS4 why are people going to get a PS4 on day one? it would be the same if MS did Halo 5 on the 360 and not the next xbox.

Come xmas this year the WiiU sales will pick up as it should have some big name games like Mario Kart, Zelda and more.

1upgamer991819d ago

You are right, and of coarse the fanboy's disagree. It is sad. You can put the numbers right in front of them and they will still disagree. I do not wish anything bad for any system, but I think this (next) gen is going to have a slower start than past gens. Gamers will buy them right away but the average person will not. We only have a few more months to wait and see. I am interested to see where PS4 and One are 6 months after launch. That should shut some fanboys up.

legendoflex1826d ago

Note the double standards: Wii U has done better than 3 out of the 5 other launches in the last ten years, yet gets more flak than any of those systems.

Locksus1826d ago

Haven't you noticed the state of "professional journalism" these days? Anything that's not American gets criticism far more than they deserve.
They fail to realize, that it takes -time- for a game console to grow in popularity.

GamersRulz1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

what console launches do you mean?

EDIT: People always tend to forget that PS3 was released in US/JP only and Sony had only 500K units available during launch 400K for US and 100K for JP (reduced from 2million due to bluray diod problems. So basically PS3 launch was largly hindered by the limited amount of consoles available for sale at the time. Sony could have easily pulled 2million at launch if it wasn't for the diods problems. after the launch problems and releasing later in EU, PS3 had been selling better than 360 and catching up nicely to the Wii which is faded quickly. give it one or tow years most and PS3 will be King of this gen by mile(sales+games)

WiiU in the other hand, sold good at first, then sales dropped to unprecedented industry lows, it lost the momentum so fast.

legendoflex1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

Xbox 360 2nd quarter cumulative sales: 3.2 million
Wii U 2nd quarter cumulative sales: 3.45 million

3DS 2nd quarter sales (Americas): 110,000
Wii U 2nd quarter sales (Americas): 200,000

PS Vita seven month sales: 790,633
Wii U five month sales: 3.45 million

Moncole1826d ago

Many people started gaming this gen and dont know anything about gaming other than that COD is a popular game.

AdvanceWarsSgt1826d ago

The Wii U is tracking below the Gamecube currently. That's bad no matter how you spin it.

Also, the Wii U has long since been selling worse than both the PS3 and 360 at similar time frames. To add, the Wii U is in even worse shape than at any point in the 3DS's first 6 months.

You can tout it for selling better than the Vita I guess, but that is something I wouldn't really hang my hat on.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1825d ago


"Intelligent" to both of your comments!

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badvlad1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

i hope it does, suz I play my snes if i wanna play nintendo.

supermonkey0071826d ago

Once the sonic games and the marios roll in , the Wii U will be just fine.

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