Idiot Surrender: How Fire Emblem Awakening Finally Loosened One Man’s Corset, A Harlequin Romance writes:So what’s my point? Well this whole event reminded me of how I have always felt about handheld gaming devices, I hate them. These ridiculously bantam machines make feculent the sumptuous, revelatory home console experience; this is verboten, this is defilement. Cavorting with new game software is a private moment; it’s celebratory and should be treated with ritual and liturgy: the box free of cellophane, faint wafts of acidic varnish coming off the manual, as the loading screen erects both pagoda and false idol, promising religious epiphany and absolution to be contained within. Rules apply here, outdated or otherwise. I am a fan of the antiquated, and liken cartable gaming versus home gaming to that of blue jeans and the Victorian corset. Jeans never fit me right, and I rather prefer the form fitting embrace, the clasp of that corset. And if I am to wrench, eek myself inside it… If you please, shut the door.

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Snookies121666d ago

Lol, I think this article is trying a little too hard to include 'intelligent' wording. Not that it's a bad article, just saying...

I absolutely loved Fire Emblem Awakening though. That game is truly something special.

Xof1664d ago

No, your first instinct is correct. It's very overwritten and, worse, poorly written. The writer uses a -lot- of words incorrectly.