Market's ready for new consoles, but old-gen surprisingly viable

Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews looks at the U.S. sales data that will serve as the basis for the upcoming game console transition.

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Prcko1828d ago

Ps3 still going strong!

Majin-vegeta1828d ago

And it will soon get bigger.Now that they will start selling it in Brazil.

Prcko1828d ago

imagine price drop at e3

1828d ago
3-4-51828d ago

Old consoles go strong for a while because they have hundreds of games to pick from.....duh

That is the Main reason.

Once newer consoles get more games, people shift.

ziratul1828d ago

I agree. Games (Software) sells hardware.

MasterCornholio1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Well not all old consoles are strong.

Take the Wiiu for example.

oof461828d ago

Yeah, why would Sony and Microsoft ignore the almost 150 million people who own a ps3 or 360?

Heavenly King1828d ago

bu..bu..but the gaming industry is dying LMAO! :D

medziarz1828d ago

there's nothing surprising about it

and it's going to get even less surprising when GTA5 and GT6 launch this Fall.