Major Nelson on Twitter: How long is the XboxReveal event tomorrow? The show will be an hour long

Not 2 hours, but just 1.

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MrBeatdown1553d ago

The Spike TV listing says it's an hour too.

There's a half hour GTTV thing after.

GameCents1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Just bring the darn thing already

ps3_pwns1553d ago Show
Cueil1553d ago

The Xbox 360 is also nearly 8 year old and long past it's natural cycle... Microsoft has been ramping up for the next system for the past year or so

MurDocINC1553d ago

Too bad it's at 1pm EST, middle of a work day. :(

evilunklebud1553d ago


isn't it your bedtime? run along, now.

EVILDEAD3601553d ago

Watching everything on Xbox Live and DVRing the Spike/GT stuff on cable just in case.

1 Hour pre-show on GameTrailers pre-show w/ Keighley & crew

Followed by...

1 Hour Xbox Next Gen Revealed main show

Followed by...

1 Hour GameTrailers com post-show Keighley and Don Mattrick interview

Followed by...

1 hour post-show live show with Major Nelson & guests.

Can't wait to finally get this show on the road


chrismichaels041553d ago

@evildead360 - Pretty funny when the post game show is longer than the actual event lol.

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nirwanda1553d ago

I know I'm lucky its on when I'm not in work in the UK, you would have thought something as important to MS would have been planned for a Saturday or a sunday

chrismichaels041553d ago

@SMGP - I appreciate the metaphor, but this isnt Game 7 of the World Series. Its a video game conference. And in the world of video games, its pretty disappointing that Microsoft is going to be spending more time talking about the conference rather than actually showing us games in the conference itself. Id rather have Microsoft spend that extra time actually showing us more next gen games. Honestly, what real gamer is more interested in hearing about tech specs and apps over actual games?

EVILDEAD3601553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

'Pretty funny when the post game show is longer than the actual event lol.'

Nah, if you actually looked at what's scheduled to be shown it's between 3 different sources.

GT, MS, and Twitch. They were just smart enough to not have them coincide. The post even interview from GT is standard stuff.

But, I'd rather the event go an hour and have nothing but content than to have two with a lot of fluff.

Either way, the event is on Spike and I'm assuming it's commercial free. That costs an arm and a leg. Compared to just streaming it over the net.

E3 is where the magic is going to happen for both consoles.


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Conan-O-Brady1553d ago

Did spike cover the PS4 reveal or is this just a personal favor for MS?

pixelsword1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

That depends if Sony wanted Spike to cover the reveal.

And who watches Spike?

minimur121553d ago

this is the first time i've heard of spike, what is it?

Blacktric1553d ago

"And who watches Spike?"

Target audience of Xbox.

3-4-51553d ago

People who like to fight other people watch spike.

snipes1011553d ago

Man this place is just a wealth of original Xbox and Microsoft jokes.

Wenis1553d ago

My favorite show from Spike is MXC.. too bad they never show it anymore :(

FITgamer1553d ago

People use to watch spike when UFC was there. Now they have Bellator which is the only reason i watch it.

Docknoss1553d ago

Spike had covered the MS E3 for the past two years maybe three. But not Sony or Nintendo

Blackdeath_6631552d ago

sony streamed it themselves

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GribbleGrunger1553d ago

What time will this be for the UK?

solar1553d ago

only 1 hour? Sony win next gen confirmed!

zeddy1553d ago

55 minutes of kinect 2 followed by 5 minutes of cod.

imdaboss11553d ago

epic meltdown tomrrow i cant wait lol

malokevi1553d ago

Something something xbox360 something something else always online something something Kinect something something PS4 something else chicken sandwich.

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Prcko1553d ago

There will be a 1 hour post stream on Twitch with Major and Guests.
that is probably second h

Evil_Ryu1553d ago

i just read a article that said 2....what is it damn it!??!?!??!

greenpowerz1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

The TV broadcast/live stream is an hour with post events going on after.

MSFT is not going to pay for two hours of TV time to announce things they are saving for E3 spots.

This reveal event is not E3 showing off games it's just a console reveal and some basic displays of its hardware with some software showing it off.

MSFT isn't going to waste money on TV time trying to fluff up their reveal with things they need to talk about in later shows and or things they would like to do later on. An hour on hardware using games to do so can still be much more than a hour of mixed bags.

There seems to be many PS3 fanboys happy about this but it means nothing. There will be interviews and websites still sharing on it after the reveal and the developer embargo will be lifted as well which is more important.