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Major Nelson on Twitter: How long is the XboxReveal event tomorrow? The show will be an hour long

Not 2 hours, but just 1. (Xbox One)

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MrBeatdown  +   732d ago
The Spike TV listing says it's an hour too.


There's a half hour GTTV thing after.
GameCents  +   732d ago
Just bring the darn thing already
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ps3_pwns   732d ago | Trolling | show
Cueil  +   732d ago
The Xbox 360 is also nearly 8 year old and long past it's natural cycle... Microsoft has been ramping up for the next system for the past year or so
MurDocINC  +   732d ago
Too bad it's at 1pm EST, middle of a work day. :(
evilunklebud  +   732d ago

isn't it your bedtime? run along, now.
EVILDEAD360  +   732d ago
4 hours between all of the pre & post Reveal shows
Watching everything on Xbox Live and DVRing the Spike/GT stuff on cable just in case.

1 Hour pre-show on GameTrailers pre-show w/ Keighley & crew

Followed by...

1 Hour Xbox Next Gen Revealed main show

Followed by...

1 Hour GameTrailers com post-show Keighley and Don Mattrick interview

Followed by...

1 hour Twitch.tv post-show live show with Major Nelson & guests.

Can't wait to finally get this show on the road

chrismichaels04  +   732d ago
@evildead360 - Pretty funny when the post game show is longer than the actual event lol.
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nirwanda  +   732d ago
I know I'm lucky its on when I'm not in work in the UK, you would have thought something as important to MS would have been planned for a Saturday or a sunday
chrismichaels04  +   732d ago
@SMGP - I appreciate the metaphor, but this isnt Game 7 of the World Series. Its a video game conference. And in the world of video games, its pretty disappointing that Microsoft is going to be spending more time talking about the conference rather than actually showing us games in the conference itself. Id rather have Microsoft spend that extra time actually showing us more next gen games. Honestly, what real gamer is more interested in hearing about tech specs and apps over actual games?
EVILDEAD360  +   732d ago
'Pretty funny when the post game show is longer than the actual event lol.'

Nah, if you actually looked at what's scheduled to be shown it's between 3 different sources.

GT, MS, and Twitch. They were just smart enough to not have them coincide. The post even interview from GT is standard stuff.

But, I'd rather the event go an hour and have nothing but content than to have two with a lot of fluff.

Either way, the event is on Spike and I'm assuming it's commercial free. That costs an arm and a leg. Compared to just streaming it over the net.

E3 is where the magic is going to happen for both consoles.

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Conan-O-Brady  +   732d ago
Did spike cover the PS4 reveal or is this just a personal favor for MS?
pixelsword  +   732d ago
That depends if Sony wanted Spike to cover the reveal.

And who watches Spike?
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minimur12  +   732d ago
this is the first time i've heard of spike, what is it?
Blacktric  +   732d ago
"And who watches Spike?"

Target audience of Xbox.
Urusernamesucks  +   732d ago
3-4-5  +   732d ago
People who like to fight other people watch spike.
snipes101  +   732d ago
Man this place is just a wealth of original Xbox and Microsoft jokes.
Wenis  +   732d ago
My favorite show from Spike is MXC.. too bad they never show it anymore :(
FITgamer  +   732d ago
People use to watch spike when UFC was there. Now they have Bellator which is the only reason i watch it.
Docknoss  +   732d ago
Spike had covered the MS E3 for the past two years maybe three. But not Sony or Nintendo
Blackdeath_663  +   732d ago
sony streamed it themselves
GribbleGrunger  +   732d ago
What time will this be for the UK?
hazardman  +   732d ago | Helpful
6pm for UK.
GribbleGrunger  +   732d ago
THANKS! bubble.
Septic  +   732d ago
Straight after work so rush home!
solar  +   732d ago
only 1 hour? Sony win next gen confirmed!
zeddy  +   732d ago
55 minutes of kinect 2 followed by 5 minutes of cod.
imdaboss1  +   732d ago
epic meltdown tomrrow i cant wait lol
malokevi  +   732d ago
Something something xbox360 something something else always online something something Kinect something something PS4 something else chicken sandwich.
TAURUS-555  +   731d ago
an hour ? cmon...
WillM17  +   731d ago
Live Stream on IGN: http://n4g.com/news/1261290...
Prcko  +   732d ago
There will be a 1 hour post stream on Twitch with Major and Guests.
that is probably second h
Evil_Ryu  +   732d ago
i just read a article that said 2....what is it damn it!??!?!??!
greenpowerz  +   732d ago
The TV broadcast/live stream is an hour with post events going on after.

MSFT is not going to pay for two hours of TV time to announce things they are saving for E3 spots.

This reveal event is not E3 showing off games it's just a console reveal and some basic displays of its hardware with some software showing it off.

MSFT isn't going to waste money on TV time trying to fluff up their reveal with things they need to talk about in later shows and or things they would like to do later on. An hour on hardware using games to do so can still be much more than a hour of mixed bags.

There seems to be many PS3 fanboys happy about this but it means nothing. There will be interviews and websites still sharing on it after the reveal and the developer embargo will be lifted as well which is more important.
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ma1asiah  +   732d ago
@ WeMilk

ummm nope you would be wrong

To get the hype train steaming along, Aaron Greenberg has teased “tons of exclusives” and “world premieres” for Microsoft’s E3 conference, stating the presentation will be “all about the games.”

The 21st/22nd depending on where in the world you are is all about the console, illumiroom, Kinect 2.0 and maybe apps....the games might be teased in a sizzle roll but MS are saving the game reveals for E3.

This has been common knowledge for like the best part of a week now.
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ziggurcat  +   732d ago
"This reveal event is not E3 showing off games it's just a console reveal and some basic displays of its hardware with some software showing it off."

you mean exactly what the PS4 reveal was, which you consistently trolled.
chrismichaels04  +   732d ago
@greenpowerz - don't blame people's disappointments on "fanboyism". For weeks, all we've heard on these forums from Xbox fans was "wait until May 21st". Now that May 21st is here and people don't like what they are hearing, the excuse is changing to "E3 is for games, wait until E3". If MS disappoints at E3, what will be the next excuse? "Wait until the system launches"? "Wait until the system reaches its 1 year anniversary"? People don't want to hear anymore excuses. People want to see exciting next gen games.
andrewsqual  +   732d ago
This isn't news. It was always 1 hour long.
I feel sorry for the people tomorrow at 7pm who are going to be saying "Is that it?"
_-EDMIX-_  +   732d ago
I'm sorry but I'm starting to get a feeling .that you're absolutely correct. with the rumored 20 minutes being spent talking about SmartGlass it's starting to make me really worry about the amount of games we going to see.

I'm starting to lower my expectations by a lot. this is not the same Microsoft that was trying to beat Sony core games, this is the Microsoft that is casual and is trying to beat Nintendo.

I mean many of you guys should have guessed smartglass would be there did anyone really believe it would be for 360? with what games? 360 is dead to Microsoft.
GalacticEmpire  +   732d ago
Not long enough to give us much really is it? There's still going to be lots up in the air after the event tommorow. Wish they went all out with a two hour show like sony, hopefully we'll at least get a new IP or something.
GameCents  +   732d ago
By us you mean whom exactly? I mean lets dispense with the pretences here.
GribbleGrunger  +   732d ago
Actually, I don't think there's a whiff of bias in his comment. Sounds like a genuine guy to me
CEOSteveBallmer  +   732d ago
By us gamers genius. I think your trying to find negative bias in his comments because you know hes a Sony fan. What matters is what he said in his comment, not what his thinking on the back of his head.
ma1asiah  +   732d ago
Like I just posted tomorrow is about the console NOT about the games that is what E3 is going to be about, Aaron Greenberg has already confirmed this. So an 1 hour to talk specs and apps is a lot really.
duli14  +   732d ago
why not talk about the games at both events? Sony is doing it. Personaly I think MS don't have any first party games to show because they are not up to par. Seems like the rumours about MS falling behind with their games are true.
torchic  +   732d ago
Sony spent two hours giving tons of info about both the console and the games, and yet they have much more to show at the E3 show regarding both.

1 hour is disappointing. I was hoping they'd spend a bit of time on Illumroom and tell us more about it.

oh well.
denawayne  +   732d ago
Like Sony showed off tons of games. I remember a lot of social crap and a lot developers talking about what the PS4 can do.
B1663r  +   732d ago
IIRC Sony only showed three games. The rest were engine sizzle reels, but no games.

Also, there was very little in the way of exclusives...
InMyOpinion  +   732d ago
And they didn't even show their console.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   732d ago
Yep pretty much. Some games, the controller and the specs. Good show but it got its point clear.

Btw I love how allot people have this mentality "think like Sony."

they're not Sony. There's a reason why both MS and Sony have install bases and its fans.

I'm tired of this "Sony did this" and "Sony did that" "How come MS isn't doing what Sony doing"

whah, whah, 90% of people here are gonna troll and spin everything that they show off tomorrow. Why watch it? Why, why waste your time?

And how does anyone know if an hour is enough or not? MS can have great pacing at its conference and I'm pretty sure they'll get to everything just fine. They built a campus for godsakes.
rainslacker  +   732d ago

Sony showed off 9 games, mostly in depth, at their reveal. 4 are definitely exclusives, with two of those exclusives being new IP's. So not really sure what reveal conference you were watching.


It all depends on how they use that time. Sony took it's time during their reveal to talk market strategy and importance of new features to their ecosystem in detail, as well as showed off quite a bit of actual running gameplay. MS may be presenting differently to focus just on the games, but not get to much into detail with hardware or ecosystem. For instance, everyone is familiar enough with XBL to not have to explain it too much.

I wouldn't doubt that some rumors are put to rest though.

Edit @ below
Obviously they didn't go all out, but they sure did start with a big wager. If they had gone all out, their recent console teaser wouldn't have been as effective.
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Sitdown  +   732d ago
Hahaha.....Sony went all out? If that was truly the case we would have a release date, I would have been able to preorder my ps4,and Sony would have limited to no new information to present at E3. Gone all out, and we don't even know what the console looks like. I enjoy Sony, but will turn a blind eye to the facts....they have about left to reveal, and so will Microsoft.
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Cueil  +   732d ago
seems from what I understand that E3 will be totally about games so I'm guess a couple of world premiers and that's it for games they'll use this to show off the new features of XBL and maybe to announce specs and any kind of info to get us reved up for E3
DOMination-  +   732d ago
Sonys show was two hours long because they talk a lot of tedious corporate garbage instead of showing stuff. They talked about Vita for ten minutes at the start before even getting to the point. Then 15 mins talking about what gaikai might do if it ever gets developed. They didnt even show anything.. probably because it had only just been greenlit in their own words.. pointless!

MS won't have five montages, or idiots like the guy who announced the infamous trailer. They won't talk for ten minutes only to show a tech demo of a face or a year old final fantasy video. MS will just show stuff. And you can show a lot in one hour.
Kingdom Come  +   731d ago
You'd have proffered a two hour conference full of unnecessary video montage's...?
BabyTownFrolics  +   732d ago
who cares how long it is? as long as its enough time to detail hardware specs, show games, and dispel any untruths.
Blaze929  +   732d ago
this aint E3...
Kaizin514  +   732d ago
You're right, this isn't E3, but BabyTownFrolics is right. Essentially, they could detail hardware, show a few games, and dispel some stuff in a single hour given they don't go crazy talking about how successful Xbox 360 was and fluff up their event with it.

Although yes, we will likely see a lot more in terms of actual games at E3, Microsoft still should show off a little something so as to not ignore the fact it is still a gaming console.
UNGR  +   732d ago
Well if they get right to it an hour would be fine, I don't need a long conference to tell me the same thing over and over. Just give it to me plain, and I'll go on my way. Just no silly performances, alright Microsoft?
mediate-this  +   732d ago
I guarantee there will be a performance, god I hate spike.

every time I read or hear the spike tv name, I think I hear
machine guns going off.
ichimaru  +   732d ago
where you a sheltered child?
UNGR  +   732d ago
I don't think Spike is involved. They'll be showing the program no doubt, but I was talking more about that dancing crap Microsoft pulled at E3 that one time, or all of the dude bros they had around for the 360 announcement. A great console, it just get's some seriously off color advertisement. The ads work, just not for the serious gamers, we look at the details. I'll be getting it regardless, what kind of gamer would I be if I secluded myself to one platform? A horrible one, that's what. As for the machine guns going off, mix that in with sweaty boobs, and poker cards and you have a the current mouth breathing advertisement for Spike TV.
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blackbirdi  +   732d ago
hope they go straight to the point without all the blabla like sony press conference
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C-Thunder  +   732d ago
Not sure what conference you saw, but it was quite straight to the point.
stuntman_mike   732d ago | Trolling | show
GamingWorldPeace  +   732d ago
I watched through the Sony 2 hour PS4 show and I think it was an hour too long. I think 1 hour should be perfect. Remember, this show is just an introduction to the new xbox so I expect MS to go straight to the point.
Tei777  +   732d ago
WIth Fifa and COD already announced, I hope microsoft actually has more than forza and Rare's game in terms of exclusives to show off. Otherwise PS4 is eating them alive amongst the core gamers.
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FunkMacNasty  +   732d ago
Oh yea, I forget consoles only work for exclusives. Too bad I wont be able to enjoy any other games.
C-Thunder  +   732d ago
But why buy the one with fewer exclusives? I'll get both if Microsoft drops the live fees and isn't always online if they have good exclusives, but given Sony's track record, it would be foolish to not buy the PS4, unless you just didn't like games or something.
Cueil  +   732d ago
yeah no one wants Killer Instinct 3
Why o why  +   732d ago
...or crimson skies
supremacy  +   732d ago
Well, i am going to watch both Sony's ps meeting and Ms xbox reveal and make some comparisons. Is Nintendo holding an hour long direct? does anyone know?
Robtherobot2013  +   732d ago
Tomorrow MS will spend 1 hour talking about hardware and at E3 (which is also an hour) MS will talk about software. The show doesn't need to be 2 hours long.
WeMilk   732d ago | Spam
Infamous2  +   732d ago
You do know Ms going to take up to 5 to 10 min on call of duty then fifa I bet. If you really believe Ms will spend 1 hour on hardware you will be very disappointed lol.
GABRIEL1030  +   732d ago
1 hour, then:

15 min presentation
15 min Kinect 2
15 min Games : FIFA, COD and etc.
15 min Illumiroom.

FunkMacNasty  +   732d ago
^^^^^^^^Says guy with Killzone avatar. I'm sure that's reliable information.
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WeMilk   732d ago | Spam
GABRIEL1030  +   732d ago
You'll see it tomorrow, KINECT man!
XabiDaChosenOne  +   732d ago
Only a one hour conference huh? By the way it looks there might not be any surprises for me tomorrow, as for the over optimistic Xbox fans? Well...just wait and see :-) @SDFRepelant Oh really? Is Microsoft trying to make it's way into the Japenese market again? LMFAO!!
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ichimaru  +   732d ago
you call them over optimistic for.looking forward to the.reveal of a new console?
FITgamer  +   732d ago
@ichimaru i think he's talking some of the people are expecting to get more than will likely be discussed in an hour.
TheColbertinator   732d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
TXIDarkAvenger  +   732d ago
An hour is good enough. I expect them to announce the new Xbox with a few titles, but nothing majorly groundbreaking. Don't forget they need to show something at E3 2013 as well, so keep in eye out then.
josephayal  +   732d ago
day one
I have this feeling that MS will blow us away in 1 hour
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   732d ago
nah i doubt it they dont have great video montage skills like sony...
FITgamer  +   732d ago
Day one? You should saved that until after tomorrow's reveal or even E3. I mean you know nothing about the console and are already invested in it? Unless they show some must have exclusives tomorrow, which im sure will be held off until E3, I personally would not invest myself into it.
LAWSON72  +   732d ago
I want to see a game that is not halo or gears. Forza should be at the event and an actual rare game that is not better with kinect. I doubt they will go indepth with spec detail and the specs are last thing I care about. It will probably be a disappointing reveal, but I hope they can surprise me.
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   732d ago
i feel like they were rushed lol
NYC_Gamer  +   732d ago
I don't mind long as the reveal is straight to the point

XBL features
Bumpmapping  +   732d ago
Pretty much show the hardware get 2 the games no poncho parties and no celebrities.
Supermax  +   732d ago
Spike is the channel that broadcast e3,video game awards,comic con,most the other tech expos so yea they show what's relavent in video games and hardware.
WeAreLegion  +   732d ago
Well, they only show the Microsoft press conference at E3. Maybe because they own Viacom?
rainslacker  +   732d ago
E3 is the only time of year where I'm actually going to miss G4. Having them broadcast the press conferences uninterrupted was really nice so I didn't have to worry about streaming issues.
GraveLord   732d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
GiantFriendlyCrab   732d ago | Trolling | show
Indo  +   732d ago
A lot can be said within a hour. I'm just wondering how they going to spend their time, more talk about games or more talk about other things besides the point.
NobleTeam360   732d ago | Off topic | show
r21  +   732d ago
Im pretty sure they're gonna do everything exactly opposite of the PS4 event.
Zcarnut  +   732d ago
I have seen small articles one could read inside a minute on N4G lead to "dissusions" that go on for...pages easily.
An hour is plenty of time for some fluff,usual company bragging about accomplishments,and the actual information everyone is tuning in for.
There will be unanswered questions. Too bad theres not a larger event next month that might address them......
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KontryBoy706  +   732d ago
all I know major nelson is this... you trolled sony saying "how do you reveal a console without showing the console". Back up your talk or twitter is gonna troll the HELL out of you afterwards. We better SEE the Xbox because you trolled so hard
Christopher  +   732d ago
You'll see the console. It's so close to E3, that it makes no sense since they have to show it at E3 or be "out of the game" so to speak.

I'm saying 99.9% chance we'll see the console and controller(s).
urwifeminder  +   732d ago
One hour is fine my attention would not hold for much longer they really only need 30 seconds for domination..
#27 (Edited 732d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Saleem101  +   732d ago
Nothing will be shown because Microsoft has no games... My guess would be some live COD gameplay, go over some system functions no system specs will be talk about.. the last 15 mins of conference will be usher Kinect concert....
ichimaru  +   732d ago
lol didn't realize the general makeup of fanboys here where high school kids with the humor if middle school children. recycled jokes are the toughest to land I suppose
WeAreLegion  +   732d ago
Welcome to the internet. :/
pumpkin9300   732d ago | Trolling | show
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