Nintendo and SEGA is a match made in 16-bit heaven

The gaming industry received news that Sonic’s next adventures will be exclusive to Nintendo consoles. Who would have ever thought? It’s a surprising move, but Nintendo should take it one step further: buy SEGA in its entirety. The purchase could benefit both companies, especially Nintendo and its struggling console, the Wii U.

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jay21795d ago

Yeah, very smart move, Sega, look how many Wii U's are out, Sonic Word isn't going to sell.

PSNintyGamer1795d ago

Sonic All-Stars Racing on Wii U outsold all other platforms. Not bad for a platform with a low install base.

cee7731795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

the game sold around and million across 5 platforms so I wouldn't brag if I were you and it sold around the same across ps3,wii U and xbox 360

over 200,000 each system the rest are vita and 3ds

second note I guess the attach rate is higher on wii U for the game

thezeldadoth1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

still sold more on Wii U, with a much lower install base. Also, its an awesome game if you haven't played it. Better than any previous mario kart. I hope the new mario kart borrows some ideas from it.

MrAnderson1795d ago

Sonic hasn't been good in 15 years, moving it to a different console isn't going to change that.

nevin11795d ago

Pretty much this. I dont think PS/Xbox owners will be missing anything.

Myst1795d ago

I don't know Sonic Generation gave me faith once again that they may be able to do it.

thezeldadoth1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Also those games came out on virtually every system. The sonic nintendo DS games were awesome. If this game is exclusive, I think it stands a much better chance at having more polish put into it.

I'd rather have another great Sonic game than another shooter with more pixels in it. I have PC gaming for that sort of thing.

FlyingFoxy1795d ago

Sonic Rush and Rush Adventure are great games, no idea what you are talking about. Plus they actually have challenging bosses, Mario games tend to have pretty simplistic ones in comparison.

stragomccloud1795d ago

Sorry but Sonic Colors on Wii and Sonic Generations on PS3 were both amazing.

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kirbyu1795d ago

I'd love to see a real Mario/Sonic crossover.

Myst1795d ago

Mario Kart and Sonic Transformed combined to make an awesome kart racer!

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