Wii U Basic slashed to $240 at Target, games discounted at Amazon

XMNR: The price of the Wii U Basic model was cut by $60 at Target on Monday while several games for the console went on sale at Amazon including Injustice: Gods Among Us, New Super Mario U and LEGO City Undercover.

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LOL_WUT1794d ago

The Deluxe is the better deal that should've been slashed too. ;)

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smoothdude1794d ago

I think this Christmas will determine whether Wii-U can compete. This is the first Nintendo Console that I don't plan on purchasing.

Thatguy-3101794d ago

Let's see what excuses people have after it doesn't sell well this coming Christmas against the other consoles. Ps3/360 gamers are thirsty for new consoles.

InTheZoneAC1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

I quit Nintendo consoles when they released the N64...

A Link to the Past 2 will force my 3DS XL Purchase, hopefully a Zelda themed version, once it comes out.

I did buy a GBC and Oracle of Ages and a GBA SP and Golden Sun, but since then I haven't even considered another handheld or console.

NYC_Gamer1794d ago

They are willing to take a lose just to clear out stock

THamm1794d ago

Must be a new model coming out

KrimsonKody1794d ago

I think that Nintendo has little to nothing to worry about right now.
I believe the WiiU will last well into mid-next year. By that time, the next gen consoles will already be on the market. & Nintendo will sneak up on the scene with their latest console.
Believe or not, Nintendo is the pinnacle of gaming; everyone will always look to see what Nintendo is doing.

stuna11794d ago

I guess delusion really is a disease? The fact that anyone is comparing it to 7 & 8 year old hardware is proof of that.

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