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Could this be the PlayStation 4 console shape?

A concept for the PlayStation 4 based on the recently released teaser trailer. (PS4)

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iamlegend9999  +   517d ago
They should make the color black and blue. But the blue should be like a dark blue.
JoGam  +   517d ago
Gosh i hope not.
Root  +   517d ago
I hope not...that looks like a design for a Robot in Robot Wars
PigPen  +   517d ago
No, I don't that it will nowhere near that.
Rupee  +   517d ago
Lol wut? "I doubt that it will be anywhere near that"?
PigPen  +   517d ago
Thinks for the correction, why don't you wipe my a$$ with it. Na, just kidding.
sdozzo  +   517d ago
My Sons Drawing
Arai  +   517d ago
This more like it: http://i.imgur.com/Wzx3cbX....

Someone on NeoGAF made it, I personally like that design.
Angeljuice  +   517d ago
It couldn't stand on the rounded end and if you stood it on the flat side, you'd cover the vents. This design is only possible if it stays permanently horizontally situated (which would be very unusual).
ChickenOfTheCaveMan  +   517d ago
That's crazy what people can do with MsPaint and 5 minutes to loose, that'd be the worst if it was even close to this.

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