Official Xbox Tweet Teases Forza 5 Announcement for Tomorrow's Next-Gen Reveal

Conversation between a fan and the official Xbox twitter account hints at a new Forza reveal.


The tweet teases a future Forza game, but does not at all corfirm that it will be announced tomorrow (May 21st, 2013). Fingers crossed, though.

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Snookies121833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

The Forza games are pretty dang fun, so that's always good. I go with GT for my simulation needs, and Forza for the more arcade-y feel. Either way, both games are great, so between this and GT6... Racing fans will be in for a treat. (If this is true.)

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thechosenone1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

It begins.

Urusernamesucks1833d ago

Would love a pgr tho, it has more of an arcade feel than forza imo.

3-4-51833d ago

PGR is ehhh. You have to slide turn in order to earn things in game....dumbe idea #1

Calling them Kudos = Dumb idea #2

Forza allows so much more freedom + realism factor = it's a much better Driving series.

Skate-AK1833d ago

Haha holy crap. I can't even read what all those people said cause they were bubbled down.

guitarded771833d ago

I agree... love both, and what you say is correct. Anyone who has spent serious time with both would agree. Can't wait to see what next gen offers for Forza.

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Jek_Porkins1833d ago

If this is true, that would be sweet. I love the Forza series and that would in a way kind of one up GT6, since the new Forza would be optimized on the new Xbox hardware. If you're releasing a new console, might as well put the game people want on it!


WeAreLegion1833d ago

They can beat it in the graphics department. Physics on GT6 seem insane though.

Also, Driveclub will be releasing on PS4. Let's compare Forza and Driveclub when they come out. I have a feeling all three of these games are going to blow us away.

Jek_Porkins1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

Wait, are you saying physics on a current gen game will be better than a next gen game? I've been trolled.


Blastoise1833d ago


Is that Usher in that gif?

kudakadere1833d ago

I love the leaps each Forza makes , I can ..not contain ....

DOMination-1833d ago

Except F4 which frankly wasn't worth buying if you had F3.

TXIDarkAvenger1833d ago

Really cause I found in the opposite. I never liked Forza 3 but when I played Forza 4 I was pretty mindblown. So much improvement, I mean the cars look amazing.

DOMination-1833d ago

Yeah sure. Don't get me wrong it's a good game, but it felt more Forza 3.5 to me. I would have happily waited for a Forza 4 on next gen but it sure seems like MS are going down this 2 yearly route with the IP which I don't think it really needs.

PraxxtorCruel1833d ago

I think it would definitely generate a lot of interest if they also add to the line up a new Left 4 Dead game!

CRAIG6671833d ago

I would love that although I would probably buy it on steam but either way you may be forgetting valve don't like the number 3,which always makes me ask myself why everyone loves them so much? At this point the half life situation feels like a personal insult to all the fans...? sorry rant over.

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