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Electronic Arts and Nintendo: What's all the fuss?

GameDynamo - "By now, the entire media is buzzing about Electronic Arts and their statement saying that they don't have any games planned for the Wii U. Suddenly, everyone is trying to speculate what this means for Nintendo, how the struggling console plans to make up for this loss of support, and what plans are set for the future. My question is: Who the hell cares?" (Culture, EA, GameCube, Nintendo, Wii, Wii U)

yugovega  +   800d ago
wow finally an article that speaks sense.
MadMen  +   800d ago
Easy the WiiU is a joke, EA isnt the only one that feels this way.

N64 - Cartridge, stupid move, many didnt support them.
GameCube - better but lacked hardcore games (RE make one of the few and Eternal Darkness)
Wii - FAD but neat
WiiU - a joke

So really only the GameCube was a real contender to have some new games attempted.

End of story.
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BlackWolf  +   800d ago
I wonder why you still have 3 bubbles...
TechnicianTed  +   800d ago
What exactly is a hardcore game? What kind of nonsense category is that?
3-4-5  +   800d ago
It has to have fire and black backgrounds and dragons and stuff man !!
PigPen  +   800d ago
Sony as a company selling buildings in all is a bigger joke, no. Why in every Nintendo artical someone is talking troll stupid. If you are only a Microsoft/Sony fanboy, you already know what you will spend your money on. When you say things like this I lol cause I know you must see Nintendo as a threat. Although I'm a multi gamer, I find myself defending Nintendo so much so I myself look like a die hard fanboy. I know what I want in the gaming world and I don't have to talk crazy to justify it.
lilbroRx  +   800d ago
The Wii was the only console that games that weren't racers, shooters, or medieval fighters could sell on.

It also created new genre.

The Wii was epitome of bringing new game attempts. The Cell was a fad, and it passed. Not even Sony want to use it anymore.
GotHDGame  +   800d ago
Uh, yeah and that first comment about the N64 cartridge, well it had a little game, and that was Mario 64, and that was the MARK for platform games my friend. One of the best games of all time, and then there is a little cartridge called Ocarina Of Time. First 3D Zelda, lets See, Conkers Bad Fur Day ( I said that just for fun), Perfect Dark, Rayman, OMG, MAJORAS MASK. Back then Nintendo opted for the cartridge, because of load times..you could sit at a PS1 for a min or two or you could pop a cartridge in,and play instantly. That was what Nintendo was thinking.
herbs  +   800d ago
One of the main reasons I'm dissapointed in Nintendos new console is because it seems pretty bogged down and has pretty shitty load times when it comes to basically everything it does. All previous Nintendo consoles seemed more instantaneous when it came to gaming (N64s archaic cartridge based format was a good decision at the time IMO) and I was hoping for that trend to continue.
jcnba28  +   800d ago
EA are still butt hurt and think that stopping support will damage Nintendo. LOL are they in for a shocker or what.
gedden7  +   800d ago
Start with Nintendo hold 3rd parties by the balls in the 90's to EA monetary problem to begging Nintendo to use Origin instead of their own eShop.
skipper  +   800d ago
As far as I am concerned Nintendo Sega,Capcom, Ubisoft,Indie Developers, will create some great games for they system. It kind of sucks that EA dumped Nintendo, but no blood loss. You know what though? I am really getting sick and tired of Nintendo hater trolls going to Wii U articles, and that includes good, positive ones too. Spewing hate and saying the most ignorant things. I do not at all care for Microsoft,but I have only made one comment that was negative(it was not even that bad) and had my freaking head ripped off.
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PigPen  +   800d ago
I do not at all care for Microsoft sounds like hate. You are indeed part of the problem.
skipper  +   800d ago
No I am not, this is a Wii U article...I did not go to a Nextbox article and say that..."I do not at all care for Microsoft" Is nothing compared to what hater/trolls say about Wii U.
Dr Pepper  +   800d ago
I understand that EA isn't well liked, I have a ton of problems with how they do business too. However, the joy people seem to have that they aren't planning any releases on the WiiU is baffling to me. Who thinks to themselves "I'm glad I don't have the option of buying their games on my console of choice"? Very strange.

I wasn't a huge fan of arkane studios, and never cared for their games. But then Dishonored was released, and I was blown away by what they had accomplished. People, apparently, don't care for the chance to be completely surprised, to have the opportunity for their opinion to be turned upside down. I'm not a fan of EA, but I certainly want the opportunity to see if they accomplish a great gaming feat and try it for myself. Will such a thing happen in the very near future? Probably not...but there is always that chance.

I'm not a big fan of Ubisoft and how they have treated the Tom Clancy franchises as of late, but that wouldn't make me completely fine with it if they stopped planning games for my console of choice. Overall, the attitude of many Nintendo fans (that they are perfectly fine with this concept) is bizarre in my opinion.
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   800d ago
EA is all about the bejamin nobody is buying the Wii U right now the install base is too small for them to even consider making a game.
PigPen  +   800d ago
Oh, but the PS4/Nextbox install base is greater. I don't know, am I missing something.
Realplaya  +   800d ago
Dear EA sports you are showing America why we should vote you as the worst company for the upcoming elections. You have showed the american people why you are so the king of crap.
Apparently you have some Americans brainwashed into thinking that your product is good. Lets take a look at some of the past and present things you have done to get you the award.

1. Hoodwinked the NFL.
2. Tried to Hoodwink the NBA
3. After Sega's ESPN NFL 2K5 successfully grabbed market share away from EA's dominant Madden NFL series during the 2004 holiday season,

4. February 2008 that Electronic Arts had made a takeover bid for rival game company Take-Two Interactive. ( I wonder why)

5.Electronic Arts had a poorer than expected 2008 holiday season, moving it in February 2009 to cut approximately 1100 jobs,

6. On November 9, 2009, EA announced its acquisition of social casual games developer Playfish for US$275 million.[39] On the same day, the company announced layoffs of 1500 employees, These layoffs also led to the complete shutdown of Pandemic Studios

7. On July 2012, EA Games called for the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act. Executives of the company stated that the law is unconstitutional and creates discrimination and tax problems for the company.

The list goes on and on.
khowat  +   800d ago
EA is just trying to shade over all the wii u news so that anything positive got overshadowed by this extremely unsurprising news

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