GameInformer- Madden NFL 25 Preview: Owner's Mode Returns

GI:Ten years ago, in Madden NFL 04 (with Michael Vick on the cover!), the series introduced an Owner's option to its Franchise mode. This let you adjust ticket prices, relocate your team if necessary, and get into other down-and-dirty aspects of your franchise. Unfortunately, the mode has not appeared in the current-gen versions of the series – until now. Madden NFL 25 re-introduces the owner concept and integrates it into last year's Connected Careers format.

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NYC_Gamer1799d ago

EA always acts like adding back old features to Madden is some type of real improvement

thehitman1799d ago

Madden 04/05 best maddens ever current gen maddens were disappointing.

iamlegend99991799d ago

Madden is worst than call of duty with new improvements.

Drakesfortune1799d ago

ohh yesss a wicked new ea...constantly adding new stuff...wait wut..hasnt this been in before /s

Standard Ea adding old stuff and trying to sell as a new feature that is brand new to the series