PlayStation Plus: Germinator & Pinball Arcade Free, Gamestop PS Plus Deal

a ton of stuff to cover this week including two (two!) games coming to the Instant Game Collection: the addictive puzzler Germinator, and the wonderful pinball experience that is Pinball Arcade.

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xHeavYx1338d ago

Not the best update, but I hope they are saving something big for June

JAM_brz1338d ago

I see something big coming in July, post E3. Not before that.

Minato-Namikaze1338d ago

They have to have something Big for E3 week. I'm trying to see megatons dropping left, right, and center this year at E3. I want the E3's of old, lol

Donnieboi1338d ago

The heck u talking about? We just got Sleeping Dogs earlier this month. U can't expect that kind of quality EVERY week. Plus next week PS Vita owners get Blaz Blue. If u don't have a Vita, then that sucks for you. But I do have a Vita, and Blaz Blu is the best fighting game on it, so yipee for me!

CaptainSheep1338d ago

"Plus next week PS Vita owners get Blaz Blue. If u don't have a Vita, then that sucks for you."
That rhymes. lol
But yeah, decent update, some great sales as well.

Salooh1338d ago

Hope it's the best because soul... what ever it's name wasn't good for me. It would be fun in ps1 lol but now not so much.

xHeavYx1338d ago

It's Monday, I understand that people are not very bright, so I have to explain myself.
THIS particular update is not the best update when it comes to free games, and I expect something big for June because of a little convention called E3 (and, yes, I'm being sarcastic)

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stargatefan1338d ago Show
sashimi1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

I hope theres another $10 cash back promo soon, theres a few games i'd like to pick up for my vita.

Krew_921338d ago

Ugh they just had to have made BlazBlue an end of the month PS+ release.

Oh well.

despair1338d ago

lol they did the same thing for Disgaea 3 when it was the one game I was waiting for that month.

Salooh1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

Look at it this way. Since you already waited for it and it's almost the end of the month. When you get BlazBlue the next month games will be announced so that's a lots of (free) games in a short time :)

That makes me excited when they keep the best for the end.

Edit : I saw an article saying that the US ps+ will change the big games :


so next month may turn more awesome :D

jukins1338d ago

aww I thought blazblu was this week

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