High-End PC Gaming Already Next-Gen? Don't Make Me Laugh.

Paul Izod discussed the misconceptions around PC gaming and next gen for

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Corpser1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

More like Mid range pc is already next gen. 1080p+, 60fps, dx11 effects

Will Watch Dogs PC look better than Far Cry 3 PC? How so? Don't use console gens to define PC gaming

Using this guys logic, all cross gen games can't be next gen , look at the footage of Watch Dogs and tell me it's not next gen

MrDead1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

So all next gen means to you is 1080p+, 60fps? Well you have fun with that.

jimbobwahey1555d ago

If next gen is just 1080p 60fps then we've been at next gen for about 5 years already given console games such as Gran Turismo 5 and Wipeout HD already running at those specs.

MysticStrummer1555d ago

Article in the latest issue of Game Informer :

Dispelling the Myth - Today's High-End PC is Not True Next-Gen Gaming

PC elitists are welcome to their own criteria concerning what it means to be next-gen, but they need to understand that not everyone shares their opinions.

It would certainly help if they made up their minds about whether PCs have generations or not.

adorie1555d ago

Surly. Next-gen on PC = [email protected] LMAO. I wish I could be gaming like that. I wish hard. :T

nypifisel1555d ago

Computers doesn't follow generations -_-, they're always ahead - and why wouldn't they be? The hardware in consoles are used for nearly a decade. Reason to why we don't nearly ever see the power behind PCs are that games are build for consoles and then get some added flash for the PC versions. A game built for a PC ground up would be capable to blow any console game out of the water - How many could actually play this game is in a sense irrelevant.

Console games on a PC can get better textures etc, but the basic physics and polygon count is still the same, this in mind compare Skyrim with HD textures to the Xbox version of the same game. When I first saw it my eyes bled a little, it looks horrible on the 360 (and PS3 I assume, haven't seen that version).

Autodidactdystopia1555d ago

No man don't make me laugh.

Pc is what your next gen Is based on.

The only problem with pc is its sheer power. Console developers who have now become the main, for reasons involving money, do not put in the advanced effects until consoles can at least handle a lesser version of them.

The problem now is that even low end pc setups aren't being taxed but when the games from more console oriented developers start multiplating in pc you will once again see a difference in quality.

Its just how things are. the pc is an ever changing beast I would be worried if they weren't next gen ready after 6 years.

Autodidactdystopia1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

The tech in this game to be looks pretty next gen to me but its only meant to show off the physics engine so I guess it doesn't count but I got a good 3 hours out of this boring ass demo just playin with the realtime mud/water/everything physics.

its nice but it need work. The tech is there though. fully tessellated ground etc for physics interactions is really something nice. :)

ZombieNinjaPanda1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )


Considering that majority of the games on console are 720p 30fps, you're clearly talking out of your ass.

Lisica1555d ago

It does.

Games are going to be dumber and dumber.

It's all about the graphics. And PC got there long time before PS4.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1555d ago

capable of next gen but consoles hold it back. Kilzone is 30fps.

awi59511555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Lol console tech demos are 100 percent fake and always have been. My Pc with 4gigs graphics memory will still look better than any console game. Ive been told this crap from console fanboys for years. But all last gen i was told the same thing i had both systems xbox and ps3. And guess what they all looked like shit compared to my cheap 4870 i bought years ago. a 139 dollar graphics card looked 5 times better than any console game that came out dont make me laugh. The guy who wrote this article is a total joke.

papashango1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

4870 was a pretty solid card. Overshadowed by the 8800 series but still a solid card.

No doubt it put the 360 and ps3 to shame when it was flagship

theaceh1554d ago

I wonder what GT5, KZ3, AC4, Halo 4 and other games would look like running on a $600.00 dollar PC from november, 2006?

Anarki1554d ago

Next gen isn't defined by graphics. It's game play, how you play the game. Look at the Wii for instance, the Wii sold the most consoles current gen because of it's innovative way of playing, even though it had atrocious visuals.

I'm eager to see what the PS4 and next Xbox will show.

vulcanproject1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Pfff. Fail article. PC pioneers most significant 'next gen' console technologies and advancements. I also don't believe of his definition of what next gen is, I'll explain and break this article apart by the end.

"You name me one mainstream game that is only playable on next-gen equivalent technology!"

Name one that was done on Xbox 360 but couldn't be scaled back to work on the previous generation? Virtually everything actually could be, unless you qualify Kinect titles and say that is really how they are next gen!

Games haven't actually changed all that much in how we play them. GTA5 will probably be very similar to GTA San Andreas in terms of gameplay, apart from it having better visuals, effect, sound, physics etc basic TECHNICAL stuff that makes GTA5 'next gen' in the eyes of a PS2 gamer for example.

Most of the advanced features done on current hardware are online related, that is really the legacy of Xbox 360 and PS3- this was the generation online console gaming took off and tens of millions signed up.

Dreamcast, Xbox laid the foundations, current gen built the online house.

But even that was something that was pioneered mainstream, on PC first!

It is also funny using a picture of Half Life 2 and quoting how its mechanical physics were really next gen.

Its ironic.

That's a PC game, came out long before the current gen of consoles.

A year later, the first console it came out on was....original Xbox! That's right, a non next gen machine. It was a ugly looking game on the original xbox, but the supposed physics that were next gen made their way onto an old machine before reaching PS3/360. It was possible.

This is why this argument fails, because the writer's own example highlights how non next gen Half Life 2 actually was when it was on done on the original xbox and done quite well.

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GraveLord1555d ago

It's not next-gen. Try this: if its coming to Wii U, its not next-gen.

Seriously though, just because you have a higher resolution and frame-rate, it doesn't make your PC "next-gen". Most PC games still stuck using DX9 due to them being console ports. Your PC isn't next-gen, your PC isn't part of any gen.

Lior1555d ago

Obviosly someone has not been playing on a pc, you have not seen crysis 3 running on my moniter at 1440p with everything maxed out with anti alaising on MSAA 8*

InTheLab1555d ago


It's still the same mediocre game everyone one PS3/X360 play. The point of the article is that max setting and high frames per second does not make a game next gen.

narked1555d ago

It kind of does cause the 'Next Gen' is mostly defined by graphics. Yep PC isn't part of any gen cause it's ever evolving.

I'm very excited about the upcoming consoles but I really don't think that any console can match the pc in terms of raw performance. If you take price out of the equation you will always have a better looking game on the PC. Consoles will be 'better' for the first 3 years of a lifecycle due to optimisation, when PC's catch up it will be the same story over again. Just compare Metro Last Light on PC and Xbox, it's miles ahead on PC.

ZombieNinjaPanda1555d ago


So what makes something next-gen now? Suddenly, it's not graphics? But I thought when discussing the WiiU it's graphics? Then what is it???

starchild1555d ago

I am a big PC gamer, but I agree that gaming on the PC in general is not the same as next gen.

With that said, the quality of current gen games on PC puts them well ahead of what they are on consoles.

It's not really comparable to judging the leap that we see between console generations. The quality of frame rate, image cleanliness, texture detail, display resolution, etc, on PC won't be equaled even by next gen consoles.

That said, I believe that games like The Witcher 2 and Crysis 3 maxed out on a decent rig are pretty comparable, in terms of their overall graphical makeup, to games we will see on next generation consoles.

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aquamala1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

agreed PC has no gens. I'm going to use the same PC to play Watch Dogs and Far Cry 3, so one of them is this gen and one is next gen??

Kennytaur1555d ago

Well, I can play Watch_Dogs and Far Cry 3 on the same PS3...

I get your point, and agree, but a bit of a fail there seeing how W_D is cross-gen.

Outside_ofthe_Box1555d ago

What are you talking about? Next gen consoles are high end pcs. Developers have already stated this. PC gamers need to stop being bitter.

SPAM-FRITTER-1231555d ago

LOL that was funny.

Next Gen is just going to be 1080p at 60fps for consoles.

i mean look at the games announced....WooooooooW new killzone, thats so freaking next gen maaaan.

Move on noob and stick to your make believe toy console world.

Outside_ofthe_Box1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

LOL why are you so bitter about next gen consoles?

Killzone isn't going to be the last game released. Games early on in a console's cycle doesn't demonstrate the true potential of the console. Games will only get better on next gen consoles from here on out. Shadow Fall is just the tip of the iceberg and isn't representative of next gen's full potential.

Go back to playing world of warcraft and working two jobs just so that you can barely manage to afford to upgrade your already out-of-date PC to match next gen console specs lol.

Halochampian1555d ago

@Outside "working two jobs just so that you can barely manage to afford to upgrade your already out-of-date PC to match next gen console specs lol."

You either don't know what a well paying job is or dont understand how computer hardware works. My bet it's both.

TooL 3161555d ago

Nex-Gen consoles are not High-end PC's; they are more akin to a mid-level PC. PS4 specs are based on old PC tech. PC's will always be ahead, the only problem is that PC"s are being stymied by consoles when it comes to MAINSTREAM TITLES. While the rest of us PC gamers had LCD Televisions, console games were still watching tube based TV’s. I can guarantee you that my Current PC will be able to play any Cross platform Games released for PS4, the Next-box and PC at the same or better resolution, Frame rate and whatever bells and whistle that are attached… Can you say the same? No you cannot, you will have to buy a new machine.

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konnerbllb1555d ago

Author has no idea what he's talking about. Delusional.

linkenski1555d ago

Don't use Watch Dogs as your prime example.

You also have to bear in mind that Watch Dogs is likely going to be a launch-title. I think graphics have improved drastically in current-gen console games from the first year of the gen until now.

PC gaming will surpass next-gen consoles relatively fast, but i seriously doubt they will be on par right from the get go.

windblowsagain1555d ago

I'm A PC GAMER, But also have a console.

Where is PC going to surpass the new machines. Yes gaming will be higher rez, more AA.

But what gets made for PC that really pushes it.

You can run the best looking games on PC, without breaking the bank on power.

Depends what people consider the best graphics.

CRYSIS3 - all realtime?
Metro last light?

We've already seen what BF4 is doing and that will be the same on nextgen consoles as it is on PC.

The differences between titles will be very small and will be so for some time.

Next gen looks of games maybe.