PlayStation Store Preview – May 21st, 2013: Gunslinger

PSLS: This week’s update is looking thin after last week’s jam-packed update. But what is here is interesting content. The once 3DS-exclusive Resident Evil: Revelations hits the PlayStation 3, and the Vita gets full frontal Men’s room action. Plus, much more in the way of PS3 games and even DLC.

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doctorstrange1798d ago

Full Frontal Assault at last!

TrendyGamers1798d ago

I'm ready to go into the men's room.

Wedge191798d ago

Ooh, some fun content this week! And yes, finally we'll get Ratchet FFA

Relientk771798d ago

Yes! I was hoping they'd have a demo for Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

doctorstrange1798d ago

I'm not holding my breath for anything good.

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