Microsoft's Next Gen Xbox conference length details

There is a lot to be excited about this week as Microsoft plans to unveil their next-generation Xbox in Seattle, Washington on May 21.


Mod note: Just confirmed by MajorNelson to be an hour long

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jay21100d ago

Pmsl that what 7hrs more for sony. And the tv ads start Saturday.

lilbrat231099d ago

Dang 1hr I will still be at work. Oh well I will have to watch the videos later :-/

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Prcko1100d ago

I hope we gonna see GAMES and i mean NEW games,not kinect 2.0 presentation with animals,kids etc...

Jek_Porkins1100d ago

Aaron Greenberg already stated that May 21st is all about the next Xbox, so I'd suspect we'll see the console, get it's name, features and a few games showing off the new tech, but E3 is all about "tons" of exclusive game reveals.

I want to see the console, see some games, features, the controllers!


Blacktric1100d ago

Trusting what Arrogant Greenbug says in the amazing year of 2013...


HammadTheBeast1100d ago

Btw #xboxreveal isn't trending.

duli141100d ago

ooh great so tomorrow won't be about games, we just have to wait till E3. E3 comes around and there still won't be any games....and so the wait begins till next E3. How many E3's is MS going to make us wait??

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insomnium21100d ago


"but E3 is all about "tons" of exclusive game reveals"

Are you sure you are not setting your hopes up just a little too high? There hasn't been tons of exclusive games outside casual ones in years.

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SatanSki1100d ago

Actually im more interested in seeing what new Kinect is capable of becouse i doubt they will surprise me in graphics department. And games will be games. Probably same old with better graphics, thats all.

Tacklebait1100d ago

as much as i dont use my kinect. i agree with you a bit on this one.

duli141100d ago

MS is behind with the games, remember the rumours that popped up? They seem to be true considering how short the event is. Its either that or MS just don't have many games to show.

andibandit1100d ago

They said they wont be showing games until E3......surprising you missed that information since every third post here mentions it

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Soldierone1100d ago

1 I hope Call of Duty is not all they have....

2 I hope Call of Duty actually looks good.... lol

evilhasitsway1100d ago

Im going on a limb and saying cod is probley the best game they will show for sure. and I hope they use a new engine for this cod instead of recycling the same game over and over with just added features.

jeffgoldwin1100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

Destiny>CoD. But I like CoD too. Despite all the elitests here on N4G over that game.

FITgamer1100d ago

Well supposedly FIFA (another multi-platform) is also gonna be at tomorrows reveal.