Preview: Tearaway finally gives PlayStation Vita owners a game worth playing -

Tearaway finally gives PlayStation Vita owners a game worth playing. Tearaway’s unique graphical style features a bright, innocent world made entirely of paper. Its unique visual style makes it stand out in the somewhat crowded platforming genre.

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smashman981859d ago

That title is pure flame bait but let me debunk it
Gravity rush
Persona 4 golden
Assassins creed 3 liberation
Escape plan
Unit 13
And soul sacrifice

Just name a few of the titles every vita owner should check out

beakeroo11859d ago finally prove that they are a bunch of *******!

ArchangelMike1859d ago

dude how could you forget...

Playstation All Stars
Rayman Origins
Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes
Wipeout 2048
Fifa 13
Mod Nation Racers
Sly Cooper Theives in Time
Street FIghter X Tekken

Not to mention the PSP backlog on PSN...

Anyone who says the PS Vita has no "games worth playing" is talking out their a$$.

FragGen1858d ago

+1. I'm p*ssed because my 32Gb card isn't big enough for all the cool stuff I have available for my Vita. Sony: 64gb cards (and a price drop). Stat!

Game0N1858d ago

Soul Sacrifice is amazing. 50+hours and counting for me.

raWfodog1858d ago

Looking forward to playing it.

raWfodog1858d ago

Agreed. Finally...a game worth playing? Sure I'm looking forward to Tearaway as much as the next Vita fan but the title of the article is very obnoxious :|

THe site is definitely not getting a hit off of me :)

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KentBlake1859d ago

People who say the Vita doesn't have good games either don't have a Vita, or have really bad taste.

NovusTerminus1858d ago (Edited 1858d ago )

I've had games worth playing... Really, why are people so negative torwards the Vita?

DivineAssault 1858d ago

i want tear away along with dragons crown & kill zone

Snookies121858d ago

That Panopticon game was for Vita too right? That one looks promising for sure.

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