Logitech ChillStream PS3 Controller Revealed

This is the new Playstation 3 controller, Logitech ChillStream. This controller have a nice design with black colors. If you have a DS3 Controller you should try this too. Logitech ChillStream PS3 Controller having cool air go through your fingers when you playing the game.

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Drekken3917d ago

I used to love my old airflow controller, but I cant use a wired controller on the PS3

Gish3917d ago

I love the grammar. Gadget blind as well as gadget illiterate.

Shankle3917d ago

For sweaty gamers, huh?

kewlkat0073917d ago

that makes a Dualshock type controller with the Analogs/Shoulder buttons 360 style, I will pay "Double".

themyk3917d ago

why do people buy these third party controllers. sony controllers are pure perfection. the d pads never work on these things. that thing makes the xbox controller look good. and thats hard to do.

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The story is too old to be commented.