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Blackdeath_6631556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

they started getting better at advertising and generating hype but this teaser is a step too far. will be interesting to see if there are any hidden shots when someone inevitably breaks the video down to frame by frame

MikeMyers1556d ago

Doesn't show much but it keeps the PS4 hype going for them.

Mr_cheese1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

I looked at the video shot by shot and some of the images are strange, I really can't work this out. But the milli second images make it feel more shaped than the blurred square.


Some of the shots are the new PS EYE and DS4

nix1556d ago

look out for the disagree fairies...

egidem1556d ago

It's very clear that Sony is taking every opportunity it can to just increase the PS4 hype. What better way to distract everyone else other than to post a teaser video...not last week, or last month, but right before Microsoft's own announcement??

MikeMyers1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )


It won't last very long, hardly anybody will be talking about this tomorrow.

NatureOfLogic1556d ago

I'm so hyped . No matter what Xbox shows tomorrow, I know I'll be getting PS4 first no matter what.

Saigon1556d ago

IMHO, this was another way to deter the MS hype train surrounding their new console reveal tomorrow. Sony, is taking steps to ensure MS does not become the main focused console this generation. This may be trolling, but it is a smart move from them. Never give your opponent a chance to breath; never give them an upper hand.

What tactics are these?

thechosenone1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

On the computer all morning and I step away for an hour to get something to eat and this sh*t pops up. -_-

Anyway, the only relevant thing that needs to be said here at the moment.. PS4 day 1!

abzdine1556d ago

i received a news letter from Sony and in th bottom i could read this:

""PlayStation" and the "PS" Family logo are registered trademarks and "PSr" and "PlayStation Network" are trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC © 2013. "

What the hell is "PSr"?

MysticStrummer1556d ago

@Mike - You mean on the day of MS's big reveal more people will be talking about that than PS4? That's quite a bold prediction. /s

Enemy1556d ago

The PS4 logo looks so good.

Kevin ButIer1556d ago

Lol gotta love Sony trolling xbox reveal...

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JoGam1556d ago

We get Christmas a few times this year. So excited.

kaozgamer1556d ago

i hope they go for that glossy finish. the matte finish on the ps3 slim was great and all but the gloss made it look more..awesome

The Great Melon1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

The glossy finish is the one thing I hate about my 60Gb PS3. Glossy finishes only look good for the first minute until it begins collecting dust. You want to wipe it off but you know you are only introducing scratches to its surface, so you abstain.

Don't want on my TV. Don't want it on my computer. Don't want on my screen.

Glossy sucks. Long live matte.

The Great Melon1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Shoot, I never realized I was such in such a minority when it came to the glossy vs. matte debate.

Do people like glossy devices simply because of their look? I have always taken the more functional stance that matte hides blemishes and dust more easily along with not reflecting unwanted light for screens and the alike.

Edit: I forgot to mention glossy is a fingerprint magnet.

elhebbo161556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

@moon well the xperia z has a glossy back cover that is dust proof, so im pretty sure sony could incorporate this technology.

James-GAMES1556d ago

I'm used to the matte finish from the ps2 and 3 and I know most people would disagree with me but I actually prefer the matte finish, the glossy finish is finger print magnent and looks cheap, matte looks more elegant and is cleaner. Anyway I can't wait to see the PS4! Day one purchase!

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seanpitt231556d ago

..................With a 4 on it!!!!!

mt1556d ago

looks like an X- box to me ... no... ok

Blacktric1556d ago

Oh boy here we go again.

*que in the shopped pics of Kaz Hirai barbequing meat and veggies on a PS4*

HarryMasonHerpderp1556d ago

You can order pizza through Xbox Live but you can Grill your burgers whilst gaming on the PS4!

Root1556d ago

If I could cook hamburgers on it while I game then it's a day 1 buy from me

ThatCanadianGuy5141556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Pause at 00:17
Looks like a top-down view.Loving those sleek angles.
Looks like a lambo lol

Edit: Jeez this is heating up fast lol.
Just more proof how intense the PS4 hype is.
a 30 second tease and it's spreading through the net like wildfire

Arai1556d ago

Greatness Awaits...

Exciting day, everything went into high gear.
Teaser today, Xbox tomorrow, more teasers in the coming weeks....then boom E3!

HurtfulTimez1556d ago

yep SONY's fallen in love with sharp angles at the moment (which still look sexy!) just take a look at there new range of bluray players (SONY BD 5100) i can imagine it having some resemblence to this but thats just a quick guess from me all will be revealed on june 10th CANT WAIT!!!

Root1556d ago

Course it's curvy...that very quick transition flash at the 14 second mark shows a slanted curvy console