The New Tomb Raider is the Most Intense Game Yet

Fernando Blanco From Electric Avenue Said - "The latest game in the Tomb Raider series features young Lara Croft and a full cast of new characters combined with intense storytelling. The gameplay has many additions such as weapon upgrades as well as skill upgrades. The game begins when Lara’s ship is wrecked near a mysterious island in the Dragon Triangle off the coast of Japan. Instead of the iconic dual pistols, young Lara starts out with a bow and arrows that she finds on the island."

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sway_z1798d ago

IMO too much like uncharted, of which is better than any TR game ever released.

fblan0011798d ago

never played uncharted, i noted that here she looks alot younger than in previous versions of the game,

Irishguy951798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Imo it surpassed Uncharted. Very impressed with it.

As usual i'll be very alone with this thought, however, the gameplay was superior. The QTE's weren't, but the rest was. Gunplay, variety, a sense of progression etc. Although I played on PC so I can't judge how it'd be with a gamepad

Edit- Yes Gametime, it's not like Uncharted, it's better. The gunplay is somewhat similar to Uncharted, but from what I played on PC(I suppose it's incomparable as K/M > Gamepad) it was better

Sharius1798d ago

most guys i know whom plays this game compare it with uncharted, but i think that was wrong

uncharted was released long way ago, it's competitor of this year is "the last of us" since both game choose the theme survival to be core gameplay

let's wait to june and make some comparison

CEOSteveBallmer1798d ago

Exactly dude, I think the direct competitor is the last of us.

NatureOfLogic1798d ago

They've obviously never played Uncharted 2 or 3, just saying.

xamtheking1798d ago

I think it's better than UC3 but doesn't come anywhere close to UC2

fblan0011798d ago

I had a hard time dealing with that shark at the beginning of the game, seems like an odd place to have a shark.

MysticStrummer1798d ago

Half of the voices in my head are laughing at this headline. The other half are chanting "Demon's Souls".

-GametimeUK-1798d ago

I think it is very different from Uncharted. Sure, the aiming and set pieces are similar, but this Tomb Raider has a lot of exploration in open areas, a levelling up system, Metroid like back tracking and a bunch of items to use, not just guns. Not really like Uncharted at all aside from set pieces.

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