New King of Fighters XII screenshots

Famitsu reveals the fisrt King of Fighters XII screenshots. Enjoy.

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jappa3438d ago

i have waiting for a new king of fighters in 2D in a long time . and i gona owne this.

lonestarmt3437d ago

haha really? I'm still playing king of fighters II. It just came out two months ago on ps2. Maybe you should pick that up. lol

jappa3438d ago

And marvel vs street fighter 3

ddcab3437d ago

Have they announced the 3rd is coming out! Im all over it if it is.

ThaGeNeCySt3438d ago

the art is BEAUTIFUL in this game

Luca Blight3437d ago

I question people's aesthetic tastes.

The game looks awesome.

JeepGamer3438d ago

All hand drawn and beautiful.

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