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Submitted by Fail2ninja 995d ago | opinion piece

Violence in Video Games: What can we learn?

Video games are once again under scrutiny from both the government and media as a result of the outbreak of violence over the last year. Are they truly to blame? Or are we forgetting something? (Culture, PS2, PS3, PSP)

Jake_the_Dog  +   995d ago
That people want an easy scapegoat instead of looking into the real problems.
SolidStoner  +   995d ago
I cant learn nothing, just continue to kill digital people and creatures, its fun :D that's all! Meanwhile, if you are insane, you are insane, Blood in video games will not turn you on! :D
ironfist92  +   995d ago
How to kill people. With style.
Neko_Mega  +   995d ago
What I learn what I could do to those I don't like, problem is. In real life theirs no reset button, mods, cheats or even a walk-through guide.

So you have to be screw up in the head before playing the game to mix the two up.
sashimi  +   995d ago
That it will be blamed for everything that is wrong in society instead of actually focusing on the actual causes. Honestly if someone told me that to my face i'd most likely insult their intelligence and question their cognitive functions cause clearly there is something wrong with them.
NukeDaHippies  +   995d ago
Really? Persona 3 is the first thing u think of when u hear violence in video games? Not like the game is about friendship or anything nice huh.
TH3KARMACHARGER  +   995d ago
Persona 3 has a very dark and meaningful storyline. It is not at all about friendship.
And good GOD is it that hard t type the word you?
NukeDaHippies  +   995d ago
So what else is new? Still don't mean it's a very violent game. And it's just as hard as typing "to" quit yer complainin.

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