DUST 514: EVE Culture Shock and Grief University

The Mittani writes:

'It has been three days since spies from Grief University set the DUST community on fire with their sabotage of a DUST Uni Planetary Conquest match. They boldly proclaimed their actions on the DUST forums, triggering a lively response from players that ranged from praise to recommendations to commit suicide. They followed up with another attack on R.I.f.t. later that evening, prompting the victims to create their own thread of discussion with the title "[HUMBLED] Infiltrated by spies in PC". More threads popped up, speculating as to the identity of Grief University's members and complaining that corporations could no longer accept new members without care or regard to their backgrounds. But what's most startling is a newly-made and now-locked thread entitled "Calling for the Removal of Jenza Aranda and Iron Wolf Saber from CPM0".'

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ArchangelMike1797d ago

Eve Online, you've gotta love it. It's like having a second job though, a fun one, but still the time ratio required to get anywhere in Eve is practically life destroying.