Should Sony Stop Making Hardware?

It is always interesting to hear someone say Nintendo needs to get out of the hardware game. Usually it is followed with what a flounder the Wii U is. Many years ago there were calls for Nintendo to step down when the Nintendo 64, and the Gamecube were less than stellar performers. Two flops in a row meant that company should go third party. At least that was the logic applied by many in the gaming media, and of course the niche hardcore gamers. What about a company that has had three flops in a row?

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Majin-vegeta1858d ago

To save you guys a click,Sony should just abandon the hardware market cuz the PSP,PS3 and PSV was a flop.


P_Bomb1858d ago (Edited 1858d ago )

Wish I could un-click lol. Genuinely trolly couple paragraphs likening sony to a crying baseball team in the cellar (?!), surrounded by some very odd links to articles about our duties to god, how videogames cause brain damage, adhd, obesity, exploitation of women, and that violent videogames are bad and "sony cares nothing for families."

Well then. So if sony hates your family, does that make sackboy the antichrist? Research 3:16 says neither the psp nor ps3 flopped. Poor show by dropping the fanboy term as well. What happened to "Let he who is without flamebait throw the first stone?"

iGAM3R-VIII1858d ago (Edited 1858d ago )

Here is a pic of the author

JoGam1858d ago

Come here....... Lean over.......... A little more.............. SMACK.!


ZodTheRipper1858d ago

Thanks. Such an article with Nintendo wouldn't be as pointless as it is with Sony right now.

minimur121858d ago

thanks bud, bubbleup :)

Aceman181858d ago (Edited 1858d ago )

i was just talking about this very same thing this morning with one of my friends, and we've come to the conclusion that any idiot can write an article now thanks to the age of online.

and no sony shouldn't stop making hardware, neither nintendo, nor microsoft. i swear every time i click on this site these articles just make me lose more and more brain cells.

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peanut721858d ago

Its an opinion piece where the logic used against Nintendo is applied to Sony. :)

Agree or disagree there is a point being made, and its exposing all those who want Nintendo out. They have a double standard. Plus from the family gamer stand point - Sony has done little for them since the PS2.

beakeroo11858d ago

Family gamer? LBP franchise says hi. Also Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, Buzz, SingStar, WonderBook, a kajillion PSN games...

Nintendo of course make excellent family games, no doubt. They also have intuitive hardware though to some that hardware becomes gimmicky/old very quickly especially when you look at the competitions hardware in envy.

There's much reasoning for people to talk about Nintendo getting out of the hardware business than Sony/MS. Hell I was only thinking of it tonight. I'd love to see Mario, Pokemon, Luigi's Mansion, LoZ etc on the Vita or even high end Android/iPhones. The 3DS hardware is so poor in comparison (I own multiple of both consoles, this is only my opinion)

peanut721858d ago


Not everyone defines Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper as family games. Singstar is Teen so it excludes everyone under thirteen. Families have kids. Wonderbook was rejected by families due to the heavy magic. Harry Potter is highly controversial in many circles.

Your right about LBP, and tons of older games they already own on those older systems.

Why not have your favorite Sony games on Android and iPhone? What about Steam? Why not have LBP on the 3DS?

MLB the Show would be great on other systems too.

It is just a different perspective. Something different to discuss in a mature and civil manner. Not trying to be controversial or anything.

MysticStrummer1858d ago

"Wonderbook was rejected by families due to the heavy magic. Harry Potter is highly controversial in many circles."

Humans are ridiculous. That is all.

jerethdagryphon1858d ago

ratchet and clank is to violent to even be reviewed by them what a lol site

P_Bomb1858d ago (Edited 1858d ago )

Well if that was their logic, an editors note or asterisk might've helped.

Not surprisingly, the games in their 'violent' reviews category generally get bad ratings, quality notwithstanding.
Batman arkham asylum 60/100
Infamous 50/100
Alan wake 62/100
Halo reach 59/100
Double standards doing an expose on double standards? Oh well. It was an entertaining peek through the looking glass at least.

Thatguy-3101858d ago

When it comes to handheld I think Sony should leave it to nintendo but when it comes to consoles obviously nintendo should just leave it to ps3 and wii u. Once the wii u reaches ps3/xbox selling numbers then yea I guess I'll consider it a flop but let's be honest the ps3 will past the 100 million mark by the end of its console life and Wii u obviously won't come near that. Wii u will join and ship less 60 million watch.

supremacy1858d ago (Edited 1858d ago )

Well the thing is this, many people feel Nintendo is out of date with their approaches, with the exception of their handhelds, their home consoles aren't as attractive and do little for 3rd party publishers looking to make money on their platforms.

Sony on the other hand is keeping up with the times and as you can see the support is abundant in comparison; sure the vita is hurting in sales.

But the psp is a success in its own right(especially when you compare how badly Nintendo's previous 2 platforms did against Sony's)and the ps3 is practically neck and neck with 360 if not ahead in some markets. The wii started out strong, but the decline in sales shows a clear picture of just how successful the other 2 are this late in the cycle compared to it.
Not to mention Sony is currently manufacturing their ps3's in emerging markets; heck it took 12 years for the ps2 to finally step out of the game.

Furthermore whats the point in trying to place a console like the ps3 in the same conversation when its widely known how strong support on it is, as far as 3rd party publishers and longevity are concerned; that's not a thing of worldwide sales but value to the consumer,the 3rd party developers and the industry as a whole, not just Sony branded ips.

Does anyone here have any idea or even care at this point in time whats coming out to the wii? Now if you were to ask that of the other two platforms i am sure you will get a few answers right away.

When publishers and consumers start to lose interest in your product you have to start wondering, now in Sony's case sure you can make that same argument for the vita, but not the ps3. Especially when its still selling pretty well and has yet to hit that 200 price point that set the ps2 on fire in the early days.

I am not saying Nintendo should stop making hardware, i am merely saying they should at least break out of that selling cheap hardware for a premium in a market saturated with superior products.
They have to go back to the basics and make a platform where they aren't the only ones who can make money on them, and by that i mean had the wiiu been something like the other next gen platforms inside out, with a simple way of play and an impressive online service then things might be different.
We can talk about family games and all that, but good is that without the support of some of the worlds top publishers? i mean...

starchild1858d ago

I'm sorry, as a PC gamer Sony is the one company that gets console gaming right. If any console hardware should exist it should be the Playstation consoles.

Sony nurtures amazing developer talent and they release quality exclusives across all genres that you can't find anywhere else. Nintendo is a one trick pony and MS doesn't release enough unique exclusives.

Hicken1858d ago

Sorry, but you're doing a piss-poor job of defending a crappy article.

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SonyNGP1858d ago

I wouldn't mind having Infamous and Killzone on Steam to be quite honest.

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