CVG's Fracture interview

Admit it; Fracture is looking good. The art style might be a bit generic for a current-gen shooter (bald space marine, anyone?) but in motion the technology looks fantastic, and there's certainly not a lack of creativity in the game's other areas.

The Lucasarts floor-bender is set in 2161. There's a war on, and the world's relying on you and a whole bunch of creative weapons to get the job done.

Again, not the most original of premises, but it sounds fun; Using 'tectonic' and 'subsonic' grenades you can magnetically draw in enemies like a black hole, and deform the terrain like in some sort of Peter Molyneux god game.

CVG managed to squeeze in a few questions with Jeffrey Gullett, Assistant Producer at LucasArts.

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xionpunk3921d ago

definitely interesting, though I am worried it might turn out to be one of those mediocre shooters. Has a lot of potential though, as long as the TD is done right.