Transcend Launches 32GB Flash Drive

Transcend has announced the availability of its latest high-capacity USB flash drive - the 32GB JetFlash V60 in India. Transcend is the first brand selling pen drives with such a large capacity in such a small device in India.

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TriggerHappy3893d ago

Tech is moving too damn fast. Good news nonetheless, I will be able to carry my entire anime collection with me now..:)

e-ray3893d ago

Can't wait til these things replace hard drive's in laptops for good. So long, movement damage...

VigorousApathy3892d ago

That will be some time. Since memory needs increase at the same rate.

conswella3893d ago

I want one for the psp !

vagina3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

too bad for you then cuz sony uses crappy memory sticks that are 2x as expensive and it takes them 2x as long to release them... hurray for sony and their stupid unstandardized formats...

mean while you can go on right now and buy a 32GB CF card for $139 or if you want and even better price per gb and a more common format you can get a 16gb SD card for $60...