Column: N'Gai Croal – Size Does Matter

N'Gai Croal discusses the impact of scale on the future of commercial videogame development:

"At the time of writing, I have no idea whether EA's bid to acquire Take-Two has succeeded or failed. I've just returned home from a 20-day business trip that encompassed both the DICE Summit in Las Vegas and the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. A pair of presentations from people at opposite ends of the videogame industry spectrum - EA CEO John Riccitiello and Q-Games president Dylan Cuthbert - prompted this reflection."

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Alcaponeyou3893d ago

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Iamback3893d ago

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THESWAT3893d ago

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Horny Melon3892d ago

He says his name in the Title. Uses it again in the description and then in the credits. In the first 3" of screen. Then his first paragraph is pure self promotion . Uses a pic of himself on N4G and then again on the site. No pic of the two guys he's talking about, no company logos, no pic of GDC or DICE logo. Nope most important thing for you to see is his face. I haven't even touched the content yet.

Conglomerates sucking up developers creates less competition. Less competition stifles creativity, innovation, and increases price. Someone didn't pay attention in business 101. You can see this in the movie and music industries. One is nose diving straight into the ground it's so cliche. The other has been squeezed dry of all creativity it has been reduced to comic IP and sequelitis. What industry does that sound like? He closes out his article with the "Will the big conglomerate not screw up?" When has one not screwed up an industry for the consumer? Microsoft/Windows and Verizon&TimeWarner/Broadba nd being good examples. EA will act like all conglomerates because it is motivated by the same thing as all other conglomerates. Money. They will try to ship the least risky IP for the least amount of cost and charge the most amount of money to as many people as possible. Making creative games only plays into it as so much that it works towards that goal. EA would be just as happy making pong sequels as it is making sports games if they paid the same amount.


Use smaller words man, the gaming crowd isn't composed entirely of MBA holders. You can be more succinct than "mea culpa" "artisanal" (are you talking about artist butt porn?)"homogenizes" "iteration" to name a few. The overly complex sentence structure and wording is totally unnecessary. There is a reason that the best ranking original content
consists of Top ten and top 5 lists. People come here for entertainment not to exercise their vocabulary and grammar skills.

Your obviously well read and have a college degree. I can't remember in what though, but it was in the self promotional section of another one of your articles. But you need to use more easily digestible wording.