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GTA 5 Update: Multiplayer Reveal Soon, Fake Leaks and More

GR - "A slew of new Grand Theft Auto 5 Information." (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

Zechs34  +   738d ago | Well said
The first sentence of this story says the game is coming to consoles and computers...

Why would I read the rest if the first sentence is wrong?
MestreRothN4G  +   738d ago
Well played. And well said.
Bubble up for the lulz.

Also, the source site sucks.
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scotchmouth  +   738d ago
For those checking comments you can safely skip this article
N4Gguy1  +   738d ago
looks too realistic and Grand Theft Auto 5 will be making its way to consoles and computers on September 17. huh? did I missed something? no just wait for the date that's all bad english sorry lol
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FlyingFoxy  +   738d ago
64+ player multiplayer, Steamworks, editable game modes like sa-mp and dedicated servers. Plus total freedom of the map.

if it's anything like IV's multiplayer it will suck, i hope rockstar learned from sa-mp at least this time.
Blacktric  +   738d ago
"if it's anything like IV's multiplayer it will suck"

Totally not an opinion. /s
Salooh  +   738d ago
This is old video , They just named it GTA V leak -.- ..

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