MotorStorm 2 has a name

Last week while visiting Sony to record the last Game3, Geekpulp's Dave sat down to have a chat with Warwick Light (GM of Sales/Marketing) to talk about the year ahead.
From this interview we not only gained insight into what we can look forward to and the games that Sony are backing to be successful, we also learnt the name of the next installment of MotorStorm will be called MotorStorm: Pacifica

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Regret3924d ago

I prefer "Motorstorm 2" :/

dhammalama3924d ago

that could be fun. They did say that there would be water.

Marcello3924d ago

Well i dont care wat they call it as long as it supports proper FFB this time then i will buy it otherwise i wont.

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The story is too old to be commented.