The Last of Us Early Access Demo is Almost Here

GOS: "Sony promised back in January that buying God of War: Ascension would grant you early access to Naughty Dog’s survival horror adventure, but when Ascension launched in March gamers were greeted to a page with a countdown clock. If you are patiently waiting for your chance to play the demo it will be available on May 31st, which is over a week from now and two weeks before the June 14th launch date."

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RmanX10001826d ago

I really wanna go hands on with this game. Its looks interesting but i do wanna test it before i buy it. It looks awesome from what ive seen

abzdine1826d ago

thanks for the reminder :)

Spinal1826d ago

You know I really don't know whether I should play the demo or not cause I'm so buying this game day one.

Man I hate when they do this to me so tempting!! And I got the access with my god of war ascension.

ZodTheRipper1826d ago

^same here, already preordered and paid for it ...but I guess I won't be able to resist once the demo is out.

nix1826d ago

damn... got the GOW: Ascension. thought i was gonna get the demo for TLOF.. then they postponed it. now they're saying it's almost here.

sadly my PS3 conked off! damn! like damn!

CaptainSheep1826d ago

I wonder if PS+ members will get some kind of early demo as well.

Fil1011826d ago

I was wondering the exact same thing.

ScepticTankAvenger1826d ago

Man I hope so. I was definitely not going to pay $60 for God of War just for the demo.

Utalkin2me1826d ago

You know that "God Of War" game is pretty good.

ScepticTankAvenger1826d ago

I didn't say it like that. I played the game, I just didn't buy it. I don't buy short single player games with no story dlc anymore. I learnt my lesson from Tomb Raider...

Sniperwithacause1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

So you only learned your lesson a few months ago? I haven't finished gow yet, but I have tomb raider. It kept my attention longer then gow has.

ScepticTankAvenger1826d ago

@Sniperwithacause Everything changes once you start having less money for games. Before, I could buy games all the time, but the well has run dry.

elhebbo161826d ago

@Utalkin2me hey not everyone has the same taste in games, im pretty sure GoW:A is an amazing game but im not gonna pay for something that I dont want to get a demo that I want... if you catch my drift.

matrixman921826d ago

yeah i didnt want to buy it either...the good news is that Red Box does have god of war. if you want to pay 2 dollars for the demo lol

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cedaridge1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

Now this is the only time I was a little upset with Sony and ND, why say that you will get the demo early when you buy "GOW A" and then throw a countdown up on the disc? Did Sony not think most ppl wouldn't support "GOW" on it's own? A lil miss leading if you ask me but "TLoU" is upon us all and i'm excited. PSN: cedaridge

ZodTheRipper1826d ago

It was planned for an earlier date (sometime in May) but had to be delayed when the full game got delayed.

cedaridge1826d ago

Thanxs bro! I wasn't aware of the delayed. lol

ZodTheRipper1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

No prob, one of the reasons I bought GoW:A was because of the demo and now I'm not even keen on playing it anymore because I'm trying to get into this special game as fresh and unknowing as possible :)
But it will be very hard to resist once the demo is available ...

Rhythmattic1826d ago

This is the first game I have ever pre-ordered..

As a Gaming veteran (as I'm sure many of you are or will be) I have absolute faith in this new IP from ND.

Even if its bad for a ND game, it'll be better than many other gaming experiences out there...