The Playstation Vita is still relevant

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the Vita is not performing well in the marketplace. The prevailing public opinion seems to be that “there aren’t any games for it,” and that “it is too expensive.” Are these claims true? The purpose of this article is to examine the Vita, and to determine its strengths (and weaknesses) and how Sony could shore up sales of the Vita.

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JonahNL1527d ago

What kind of bugs me is that the Vita is getting no hate at all, it seems, despite its commercial failure. In the meantime is struggling with the Wii U just as hard, yet that platform is being put in a negative light again and again.

I'm hoping for Sony they can give the Vita a boost with the release of the PlayStation 4.

boybato1527d ago

My friend the Vita had its fair share of hate articles around its 7th-8th month from release. Matter of fact, at this moment the statement "the Vita ha no gaems" had been changed to "the Vita has no system sellers". lol

JonahNL1527d ago

Honestly, I haven't seen those. I probably missed those then. I don't keep a close eye on the Sony articles here, with the exception of PS4 related ones.

egidem1526d ago

Who ever said that the Vita was irrelevant?

I recently got the Samsung Galaxy S4 and I was upgrading from this: and let me tell you, the difference in terms of power and everything between the two is gigantic!

However gaming on the phone's screen is a pain. Call me old school or something, but I just can't see myself gaming on a touch screen, or even try to consider them smartphones as in the category of portable gaming. I need to feel the physical buttons click down.

This where the PS Vita comes in handy, in terms of gaming on the go. I can't see smartphones becoming a substitution for a portable device such as the Nintendo 3DS or the Vita, regardless of however powerful them touchscreens become.

Aery1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Maybe may help a bit :

from a post :

Total number of rated games (Metacritic):
3DS - 195
PS VITA - 99
Ratio: 1.97

Total number of 75+ rated games
3DS - 51
PS VITA - 47
Ratio: 1.09

Total number of 50-64 rated games
3DS - 121
PS VITA - 45
Ratio: 2.69

Total number of 1-49 rated games
3DS - 23
Ratio: 3.29
47% of Vita's games are 75+, while only 26% of 3DS's games are.

nirwanda1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Numbers can be spun in many ways to suit anyone to look like an advantage, attach rates/sales/scores etc.
Just as an example:
Vita games over 90%=1
3DS games over 90%=5

kwyjibo1526d ago


What?! You don't buy a system because of "ratio". And the numbers you post show there are more good games on the 3DS.

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Qrphe1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

>What kind of bugs me is that the Vita is getting no hate at all

I've been on both Nintendo and Sony articles and both consoles have gotten around the same expected amount of "hate" articles.

elhebbo161526d ago

@aery I might used this as a secret weapon if someone ever brings up vita has no good games, if you dont mind.

chrismichaels041526d ago

@ZidaneNL#1 - the Vita isn't getting as much hate as the WiiU right now because no matter how much anyone wants to bash the Vita, the simple fact is the Vita isn't the one getting publicly destroyed by big developers like the WiiU is. Development studios aren't going on record saying the Vita is "crap" like they are saying about the WiiU. And at the end of the day, developers are still making games for the Vita....unlike the WiiU which many big 3rd party studios have all said they are not currently working on any WiiU games or titles.

Heisenburger1526d ago

Yeah. The world could use some more evenly spread hatred.


Nah, I do see your point though. :P

I would prefer it if people weren't so childish when it came to platforms.

It reminds me of the little groups back in grade school.

Then there are outsiders who just want to play games, discuss them, and not be harassed because they like a particular thing.

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GameCents1527d ago

So relevant you had to write an article about it.

Alos881526d ago

Because people only write articles about consoles if they aren't relevent?

GameCents1526d ago

Because when something is relevant you don't have to keep reminding people.

Skate-AK1526d ago

Haha. Shouldn't all articles be relevant?

-GametimeUK-1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

I'm sorry, I thought you was replying to someone else... ignore me.

chrismichaels041526d ago

The Vita is so relevant that an obviously bitter Sony hater with a 3DS avatar felt the need to come into a Vita discussion and make a negative comment about the Vita.

tarbis1526d ago

No Gravity Daze and Soul Sacrifice in the list of AAA games? This article is fail.

CommonSenseGamer1526d ago

OK, if its not the price and not the games then simply people are not interested. Certainly seems to be the case with casual gamers as they are labelled.

BeZdaBest1526d ago

its really not so much hate articles..but that people come to nintendo articles to hate/bash the system

but like ive been saying on both fronts, both systems need time. vita has its fair arrangement of games..wiiu is getting up there...

for the vita i think that they really have to drop the price of the memory cards and wiiu needs some moar games..

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