SimCity Crack Allows Offline Saves, Bigger Cities, Population Fix

Gaming Blend "A few months ago we promised that we would keep the community updated on when a fix would become available for SimCity enabling offline saves, expanded cities and fixes for a few other big problems with EA and Maxis' recently released SimCity. Well, a new mod is available that does everything you would have hoped and then some."


Looks like the links to pirated versions have been removed along with any of the links to the fake patch.

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jon12341704d ago

woah! now i need this game :) thank you sirs! and F you ea :)

jlukee1704d ago

Dont waste your money, its a fake mod.
This is just an example of lazy journalism :/

Saryk1704d ago

If it was true, one update would screw it up.

pompombrum1704d ago

but but but.. what about all those "complex" server calculations that no PC in the world can handle that MUST be handled online via their servers? EA's PR always was full of sh!t.

cyguration1704d ago

I wonder if Arthur Gies is still letting EA up his bumhole and defending them with everything he's got?

"Complex calculations" my butt.

Bhuahahaha1704d ago

lol now pirate version is better that the legit one.
nice way to fight piracy EA

1704d ago
sashimi1704d ago

well it was about time

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