5 things I want from the next Xbox

5 things that Microsoft should do to survive.

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aviator1891667d ago

Bring back some franchises from RARE would be awesome. MS has so much potential with gaming with their ip collections, I just don't want to see it all go to waste.

LackTrue4K1667d ago

RARE was bot off form Microsoft....WHY!!!

cuz RARE made great games!!! i can't believe Microsoft could not fallow up on what RARE setup!!!

"RARE made its own yellow brick road, Microsoft just and to fallow it!!!"

TheFamous11667d ago

Keyword MADE great games.. RARE is just a name now. The people who created the RARE classics are long gone - plus I doubt the same group of developers could make another hit in this generation as games have changed.

NaAsAr1667d ago

didn't know it needed saving. seeing as it has not failed yet. :(

Jek_Porkins1667d ago

Hasn't even been revealed yet and it needs

colonel1791667d ago

The title of the article is: 5 things I want from the next Xbox. Don't know how it got approved like this.

greenpowerz1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

The damage control anti MSFT war begins... In the last week we had the calm before the storm and it's starting to get dark and windy get your umbrellas fellas it's going to get nasty on Tuesday.

Max-Zorin1667d ago

Jumping to conclusions is too mainstream.

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The story is too old to be commented.