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Submitted by Valay 924d ago | screenshot

Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Wii U - official screenshots

SEGA released official screenshots of Yakuza 1 & 2 HD for Wii U. (Wii U, Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Edition)

ZeekQuattro  +   924d ago
It seems like just yesterday people were saying there is no way Yakuza was coming to the Wii U my what a difference a week makes.
stragomccloud  +   924d ago
I like Nintendo and everything, but I think I made a comment last week about there being no way Yakuza would come to Wii U. Good to be wrong, I guess.
Jek_Porkins  +   924d ago
Looks pretty good actually, wonder if they'll head stateside? Nintendo did manage to bring some games like The Last Story and Xenoblade Chronicles over here after enough people showed interest.
gamer42  +   924d ago
I thought it was XSeed that published the last story and Pandora's tower in the US.
DarkBlood  +   924d ago
They Certainly did
admiralvic  +   924d ago
While I would love to be wrong, it won't.

Most if not all Ryu ga Gotoku fans are Sony side (since it was a PlayStation exclusive franchise) and that wasn't enough to get a port of the PS3 version. No amount of requesting will connivence Sega to port the Wii U version if they aren't willing to port 5 and HD Collection for the PS3, DLC characters for Binary Domain and the PSP game.
jaymart2k  +   924d ago
What a backstab to Sony.
josephayal  +   924d ago
good news for wii u owners, Yacuza welcome to ur new home
ABizzel1  +   924d ago
Why so it can fail and not sell on the Wii U. All you Nintendo fans have been complaining about getting ports regardless of how great the game was. Here you're getting a HD port of a pair of PS2 games and you're welcoming it like it's free money.

Tito08  +   924d ago
No backstabbing at all, there have being already 8 Yakuza games on PS devices before the series now going to a different platform. The Yakuza games are a guaranteed success on PlayStation, & it's good to see the series is expanding & get a chance to reach to a different audience, just like Monster Hunter, Biohazard, Tekken, Ace Combat among others, I bet to Sony doesn't see this as a back-stab, that means they were right in supporting the series, 8 successful games is big enough for Sega to expand the franchise. Now looking at Nintendo getting acquiring the rights to the Xeno games, Fatal Frame, the early Biohazard deal, now Monster Hunter & others, there's already a pattern Nintendo is going after, games that have being very successful on Playstation, typical Nintendo trick.
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MasterCornholio  +   924d ago
Nope because Sony will probably get a new Yakuza game instead of a port of the first two.

If Yakuza were to become an exclusive franchise to the Wii U then that would be a backstab to Sony.

Anyways if Wii U fans want a new Yakuza game then they will have to buy this collection otherwise a new Yakuza game will never come to the Wii U. You guys know that the developers are just doing this to test the demand for Yakuza on the Wii U right?
grayfoxx881  +   924d ago
We need to see the HD collection come to the States, along with Yakuza 5.
MilkMan  +   924d ago
This actually looks pretty good. Might have to sell those PS2 games now.
Neko_Mega  +   924d ago
Is this all the Wii U get? HD remakes? Wheres Mario Kart or something good. This is why the Wii U is doing poorly.
PopRocks359  +   924d ago
Mario Kart's going to be announced at E3, as will several other new games... we've known this since the beginning of 2013. Jeez.
BeZdaBest  +   924d ago
jak and dexter remake
gawd(god) of war hd collection
gawd(god) of war origins(psp hd collection)
Gawd (god) of war saga
sly cooper....ico...rachet and clank....

funny thing is if sony never removed backwards compatibility... you could still play the original for a fraction of the price....
jaymart2k  +   924d ago
Always online BC on PS4, good look waiting years for you fav game to be available(Maybe) & having to be online just to play it.
Dj7FairyTail  +   924d ago
those are not remake.
Those are Upscale HD Games. Nothing re-done from scratch.
BeZdaBest  +   924d ago
did i say sumthing to offend

i wrote remake by mistake...

theres a slew of ps2 remakes.. games not even ten years old...if people cant see this..tell me why sony can release these as ps2 classics or not have removed bc at all..
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jaymart2k  +   924d ago
I could say is this all PS4 & Xbox 720 gets, last gen ports with higher res textures but I'll get more disagrees.

Just facts, did u know Watch Dogs was being developed 4 years ago?

Ya I'm sure UBISOFT had next Xbox & PS kits then<sarcasm>

Alot of ports for Xbox 720 & PS4 on launch.

If you got a decent midrange PC there's no reason to buy either console.
Ashunderfire86  +   924d ago
Big whoop Nintendo!!! You can do better.
cleft5  +   924d ago
Yakuza is a big deal in Japan. I am really surprised to see this on the Wii U.
Ashunderfire86  +   924d ago
Yeah but just Yakuza 1 and 2 PS2 ports? What about the most recent ones? Since Nintendo is teaming up with Sega why not announce Shuemue 3 for Wii U exclusive, instead of another port? That would be a system seller.
kB0  +   924d ago
I honestly would've much rather have seen mario 64 HD, super mario sunshine and Luigi's ported over than this....Most ppl own a ps3..or a ps2...and I highly doubt ANY Yakuza fans have a Wii.U and not a ps3...

It just seems like bad business imo...don't get me wrong the games are stellar and Wii.U gamers will be happy..but it seems like there is no market:S

It would be like brining mario over to just doesn't make sense!

I want mario I buy NIntendo, I want Yakuza I buy ps3 (or ever 360 since they share that end of the market)...

Just thinking outloud!

Hmm so these are the 3 games, Mario vs Sonic Olympics, Sonic W.e (forgot its name) and Yakuza. NOt bad for sega:)

I'd like to see more games come to the Wii.U so I can buy it:) Right now all I want to play is nsmb.U LOL:P

But most excited for Donkey kong 3DS!

Anyways ppl that think this is a backstab to sony are being dumb. This is a generation old and deserves to be brought forward, the new titles are still exclusive to ps3.(actually 2 generations in terms of Wii.U) Most likely they will stay that way only because of Ps3 Arch (though I might be wrong:)).
stragomccloud  +   924d ago
I've never played any Yakuza games even though I own a PS3 and a PS2, so I'm kind of what they are targeting. People that maybe just need an excuse to jump into the franchise.
kB0  +   923d ago
hmmm I suppose, but ur a very small audience:S The game tends to be a niche audience...when I use to work for EB years ago ppl's first reaction is "what is it?"

I would say "It's like Japanese GTA/Godfather with a very immerse and unique gameplay" and they would say "GTA sounds better" or "Why copy gta" lol...

So really it just seems like an odd series to focus on.

They would've been a little better off if they brought sleeping dogs or something imo ...just because that has a VERY settled fan base.

Either way, I hope this comes to ps3 NA...:) would love to play the series from start to finish!

Favorite game of the series is Yakuza 3 :)
akiraburn  +   923d ago
Yeah I'd have to agree and raise one other point here. For Sega, who is in a decent financial crunch right now, it's strange to see them willing to spend extra money and manpower on something like this which seems to be a potential financial risk, given no knowledge on it's possible sales figures. My guess would be that Nintendo of Japan is fronting the bill, or at least a big part of it. I really doubt that much of the code used on the PS2/PS3 version of this would be very useful for the Wii U architecture, and even a lot of dialogue would need to be re-written since it includes references to using the different Playstation button schemes, so it would need quite a bit of re-coding, especially considering the implementation of the Wii U touch-screen.

But I definitely agree with you on these points. Especially with your favorite of the series being Yakuza 3, as that was mine as well so far. But anyway, if we do assume that Nintendo is fronting the bill for this, I'd say that if we are going to see HD remasters/remakes from Nintendo, seeing them invest in titles like Mario 64, Ocarana of Time, or generally most of the first-party N64 and Gamecube era games getting a remaster/remake would be more along the expected HD remake/remaster titles that would entice me into getting a Wii U. For me, that and a Tales of Symphonia HD remake on any system would make it an instant buy.

On another note, it seems like a lot of the people commenting (not yourself, but quite a lot of the people here) don't seem to realize that this HD collection already came out for PS3 back in November of last year. Minus the different controller support for the Wii U, and the PS3 versions having trophies, everything will be almost exactly the same. So there is no "backstab". Unless you consider a back-stabbing to be re-releasing only an HD collection, that already was out months ago on the original console the series has always been on, of two games that are 6-7 years old. And there hasn't been any announcement if this will be released outside of Japan for either console. If it does, I highly doubt that it would be an exclusive Wii U release, because as you mentioned kB0, the audience that has followed this game series for the past 7+ years are all Playstation owners, since no Yakuza title has been on anything but Playstation platforms.

@Stragomccloud, I'd say that if you do own a PS2 and PS3, there is absolutely no reason you shouldn't get any of these titles right now. You would be doing yourself a huge favor, as these games are true masterpieces with anywhere from 60 to over 100 hours of really well-made and fun content each. Yakuza 1 and 2 on PS2 can be picked up relatively cheap (probably USD $10-15 and $20 respectively). Yakuza 3 and 4 on PS3 both come with retrospective videos explaining the entire back-story of the first two/three titles, and they too can be picked up for a very fair price (on Amazon they're $24 and $35 respectively).

Considering that we don't know if the original two will ever be released outside of Japan for either console, I'd recommend picking them up now. And I may not see it, but I just don't believe that there is any more excuse to get into the franchise with a Wii U version, unless you are just generally referring to the HD re-release of the original two, which as I mentioned has already happened on the PS3 in Japan last November. So that raises the question, if these were released outside of Japan, but only on PS3, would you still be interested in trying them?
kB0  +   923d ago
Well said my friend:).

Truly this shift from Sega has raised not only random criticism, but the WHOLE move seems random itself, very out of sync.

And yes, here at least, I can grab ALL games for under 80$

Yakuza 3/4 (20$ new each locally), 1/2 (10-20$ each, used), Dead Souls (10$.. NEW...yes it's ridiculous...the game was not well received and tbh I only liked it cuz I'm a fan of the series not because of what the game did..I took it as humorous...if u want it as a serious game...ur not looking a the right game:P).

Either way 2013 is def going to be a more exciting year, Hope they bring Yakuza 5 Over!!:D

Also....yakuza Black Panther (something like that) for the PSP...needs some love! a Vita port...or psn port would be appreciated!
strigoi814  +   924d ago
I hope nintendo wii u owners care for this coz if not this is just a waste of harm intended
SpideySpeakz  +   924d ago
lol.. U know they won't.
WeAreLegion  +   924d ago
I definitely plan on getting these! I would just much rather have them on PS3/PS4. They would sell MUCH better on the PS3, too.

I also want trophies.

Ok. Maybe I won't get these. :/
akiraburn  +   924d ago
Not sure if you were already aware of this and referencing it, but just in case you weren't, the Yakuza 1 and 2 HD collection is already available on PS3 in Japan, and we're just waiting to hear if they will make a localized version for western markets. There have been a couple petitions about bringing these games, as well as Yakuza 5 to the west, but unfortunately there has been no response from Sega as of yet. Realistically, I believe we might end up seeing Yakuza 5 released in the west sometime around March of next year, as that seems to be their release window for Yakuza titles in NA/EU.

As for the HD collection, that's a tougher call, but if we are going to see it I'd speculate that it would be before Yakuza 5 is released, maybe during holidays, and it would probably be a PSN only release, possibly now on the Wii U as well to test the interest there. What would be a pretty smart move for Sega to pull, although unlikely, is that if they do intend to release the HD collection on the PSN, that they patch it in some way to make it also compatible with the PS4.

If we go on the speculation that the HD collection will release sometime within Q4 2013 and Q2 2014, the PS4 will still be pretty new to the market, and considering that the PS4's PSN Store probably won't be extremely robust with content initially, especially cross-buy content that will work on PS3 and PS4, and that many gamers who purchase a lot of digital content that are going to adopt/migrate to a new system like that immediately, I think all this could theoretically help with sales. As I mentioned, it's very unlikely, and possibly unfeasible within their targeted budgets and amount of available manpower, but it's something I've speculated on before and it might be a very good move for getting the series further awareness.
WeAreLegion  +   923d ago
Oh! That makes sense. Haha. Thank you. :)
vork77  +   924d ago
will they make yakuza 1 have japanese voice's or the bad english?

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