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Mike Hewitt of Galactic Gaming News makes his review debut with Metro: Last Light!

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ElectroJade1827d ago

I reallyyy want to play this game.

ChipChipperson1827d ago

I'd recommend it. Very fun and atmospheric and it looks great. It's a bit on the easy side, but that didn't take away from the experience I had with it. If you can, try to get it at a Target( that's where I got it) or something if you want the limited edition with Ranger Mode without having to pre-order.

ElectroJade1827d ago

I find a lot of games unfortunately easy nowadays, so it shouldn't be too bad. Thanks, ChipChipperson.

SatanSki1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

I just gave this game a try but its poor engine killed it for me. Crysis 2 with ultra settings and sweetfx mod was looking sooo much better and running faster on my rig then Metro on high, which for me was unplayable. Very high setting look pretty nice but i wont torture myself. Thanks god for demo version ;-)

AKS1827d ago

Metro: Last Light is much better optimized than Metro 2033, especially the higher end effects.

SatanSki1826d ago

I was referring to M:LL. BTW turning SSAO completely off made high settings playable but still too choppy at some places.